Do you know the importance of using an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a vitally important tool to have at your disposal in internet marketing. It has been proven that the bulk of the visitors to your website will not purchase anything upon the first view of your site. The remedy to this dilemma is to have a system in place to handle the followup that is required to produce a sale out of the customers who did not buy the first time around. I am going to explain the 3 keys to autoresponder success.

An autoresponder is what internet marketers use primarily to follow up with their customers to show the benefits of purchasing a particular product or service you are offering. In addition to this there are other uses for an autoresponder, but this article is mainly focused on showing the reader the importance of a lead page, the importance of message personalization, and the importance of writing persuasive messages.

As I stated in the first paragraph of this article, most visitors to your website will not buy anything the first time they visit, so it is extremely important to have a opt-in leadpage form that your visitors are required to give you at least their name and email address. At this current time most autoresponders require a “double opt-in” process to curb and eliminate spam complaints. Double opt-in means that a prospect has to make request to receive your marketing information through your lead page and once this request is made your autoresponder will immediately send them a confirmation email that they must click to receive the information. If they don’t click the confirmation email they won’t receive the info.

Once your prospect does the final confirmation you are able to send this person a series of followup messages about your product or services for as long as that person does not unsubscribe from your mailings! This is powerful because not only can you send them mailings about your current products, but you can also send them information about any new happenings products or services from your company. One of the best ways to get them to come back to your site is by using persuasive language in your followup email message series.

Using persuasive language is beneficial because most people make money decisions when it comes to purchasing something based on their emotions and not much on logic. Just ask my wife and she’ll tell you that! Most of the masses have to be stimulated emotionaly by keywords and phrases that are usually tied into their greed, their fears or a problem that needs be solved. When you learn what problem is particularly is driving your audience to your product then you can craft persuasive emails that produce a call to action for these individuals to solve their problems now instead of later! Use action words and phrases that appeal to the deep disgust they may have about their weight or their finances or their spouses drinking problems etc. etc. Whatever the case may be you have to pinpoint the issue at hand and offer a solution to the problem with your product or service. This is what gets people to make decisions!

If you don’t know how to write persuasive emails then I would suggest you learn by using a technique known as the email swipe. Email swiping is simply focusing on all of the spam emails you receive in your inbox from other marketers and saving any email that catches your eye. Once you find the one or ones that stick out you need to focus on the headline and content to see how they are written and structured. You can leave the email the same if you want to or make some minor changes to make it fit tigter around what you are offering. This tecnique will allow you to prouce good followup messaging even if you are not a good writer.

Lastly I want to focus on message personalization. Followup email is all about trying to establish a relationship with your customers. One good way to get your foot in the door is the ability to putting the persons name in the subject line of your email and also in the body. When a person sees your email in their inbox and you are calling them by their name they think to themselves “How does this guy know my name?” or they think “Maybe this is someone I know”.

As a result of this people are more likely to open the email and read what it is about. It also establishes with your customer a personal relationship. If a person gets to the point where they like you, then they often times will buy something not really based on the product or service, but actually based on how much they like YOU! If you can create this type of feeling in a person then you’ve got a winning combination. The way you do this through email is by using a feature in your autoresponder called “personalization”.

The personalization feaure of your autoresponder allows you to put peoples names in your subject lines and in your paragraphs by using personalization tags. The tag usually in one form or another looks like or something like this. What you have to do is put this tag in the subject line or body of your followup email and when it gets in your prospects inbox it will appear to that person as their real name! When you write your subject line like ” this is how you can lose 300lbs in ten days guaranteed” it will appear like “Sherry this is how you can lose 300lbs in ten days guaranteed”. Personalization is definitely a technique you should use in your followup emails to reap the rewards of a future sale.

In summary I hope you have learned from my article how you can utilize these 3 tips to make your autoresponder followup more prosperous so you can attain autoresponder success!

Khali Bashir is an experienced writer and home business builder. If you are looking to become successful on the internet, please visit his website today and find out in 3 steps how to build a powerful internet business that pays!
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