An autoresponder is almost a requirement if you want to earn money at home. It is one of the fundamental applications for helping to get home based business ideas off the ground. Here are 7 tips to use autoresponders. Applying these tips will ensure that you have success with starting a home business.

1. Review products You can review books, computer applications, songs, electronic books, films and more and add them to the autoresponder. You should also review affiliate programs and include your affiliate link.

2. As a mailing list An autoresponder can be used as a mailing list that you can use to send out content to anyone who might be interested in receiving your content, thus promoting your business on the internet.

3. Distribute free reports Using an autoresponder gives you the ability to provide free giveaways of your products and services. This is a powerful strategy to earn money at home because it helps to overcome resistance to buying your product by giving the potential customer a taste of it at no cost.

4. Trivia Quiz This use plays into the aspect of humans that do not like unanswered questions. You provide the questions to a quiz on your website and blog and require the visitors to opt into your autoresponder to get the answers. You can also have a contest where the participants send an email to your autoresponder with the answers to the questions. This way you can capture their email address and can follow up with them in the future.

5. Distribute web pages An autoresponder is an excellent way to distribute web pages that do not appear on your main website, such as a page where you send your affiliates to download affiliate tools. You can direct visitors to your main website that are interested in your affiliate page to sign up on your autoresponder. When they do this, you then send them your affiliate page and you now have a way to track potential affiliate.

6. Promote special offers and discounts You can link to your autoresponder on your order page promoting special deals. This will allow you to build a customer list, making it easier for you to earn money at home because you are promoting to people who have already purchased from you.

7. Links section If you have a number of links that you want to share you can use an autoresponder to send them out. Just make sure you also include above and below those links resources that direct back to you or make you money.

These strategies are just a small portion of what you can do. Now that you know how autoresponders can be used effectively, think of other ways you can use this tool to help you earn money at home.

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