An autoresponder is an application that allows you to send previously written email messages out to your list of subscribers at predetermined times, and is absolutely essential to the success of every online business. In addition to allowing you to send welcome messages, support ticket confirmations and out of the office notifications, an autoresponder can move traffic from one offer to another as well as act as your own personal 24 hour a day sales staff.

One of the most underutilized functions of an autoresponder is to move traffic from one offer to another. An example of this would be what is commonly called a “one time offer” or OTO. How it works is like this: A visitor to your site subscribes to your autoresponder because of an offer for something free such as a report, ebook or newsletter. Upon hitting the “subscribe” button the autoresponder immediately forwards them to a one time offer of a niche related item marked down substantially lower than the usual price. On the one time offer page you will provide two links. One that allows the visitor to purchase the item the other that allows them to pass on the offer and ultimately be forwarded to the thank you page.

The other way that an autoresponder can make you money is by loading it with a series of previously written email messages that supply valuable content related to your product’s niche, along with the occasional promotion of your product or one that you are an affiliate of. The goal here is to earn the trust of your subscriber over time by delivering quality information and then occasionally promoting products that will genuinely help them or otherwise fulfill a need. If you can do this you will not only develop a long term customer relationship but you will increase revenue dramatically.

Research has shown that the average person needs to see your ad over seven times before they are comfortable making a purchase. This is where an autoresponder is key. You would be amazed to hear how much money certain individuals have been able to generate with relatively small mailing lists by using an autoresponder along with some of these very simple techniques. The bottom line is that if you can supply valuable information to people who want it you can make money. An autoresponder will not only increase the amount of money you can make, but it will make your job a whole lot easier as well.

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