Email marketing is not just a matter of building a list of subscribers and sending out newsletters or promotional materials. There are many other things that must be performed. For instance, before sending out broadcast emails to your list you should first check the messages. Make sure that everything works properly and there are no important things that you forget to include in your messages.

Many autoresponder services today provide various powerful features. For instance they enable the personalization of emails by adding the first and last name of the recipient in the subject line or the main body of the message. This is accomplished through the insertion of some special code. When you send the messages out, the code will be replaced with the personal information of your subscribers.

Although the feature above is very useful, there are still marketers who did not personalize their messages properly. In this case they did not include the right code in their messages. When receiving the emails, subscribers would read the code instead of their personal information. Worse, often the code was included in the subject line of a message. Instead of seeing “Ann, here is your free report”, the reader read “, here is your free report”.

You must also keep your business out of trouble with laws. In order to comply with spam laws, do not forget to provide an unsubscribe link in your emails. A good autoresponder service can include the removal link in each of outgoing message automatically. It is also important to check whether the link is functional. There are marketers who keep sending out autoresponder messages containing unworking links. Subscribers will feel that the marketers do not take requests to be unsubscribed seriously.

Another thing that must be included in your messages is your own physical address. Besides to comply with spam laws, the information is useful to gain more trust from your readers. Some reputable autoresponder services can do it automatically for you so there is no need to insert the information every time you want to send out an email message to your list.

It is also important to always remind your subscribers that they are a member of your mailing list. Nowadays it is common that someone subscribes to more than one newsletters. A short sentence that tells your subscribers the date and time they joined your list can avoid you from getting spam complaints. Some good autoresponder services record such important data, including the IP Addresses of your subscibers when joined your list. Just take advantage of the capabilities of your autoresponder service.

Attaching a signature to every email sent out is also a good idea. This is useful for reminding your customers about your business identity. The more they look at your signature, the more likely your business will spring to mind when your particular service or product is needed.

In summary, when you get your autoresponder, the first thing you will need to do is set it up with contents that relate to your business. The contents should provide interesting and useful information. You also need to format your messages carefully, including to check them with a spam checker. But keep in mind that those are not enough. There are other things that must be prepared such as providing a link to unsubscribe in your emails.

Today, there are a number of autoresponder services that provide the kind of control needed for preparing your messages properly. However, the best way to be sure that your autoresponder messages will be delivered in the correct format is to send them to yourself, before you send them to your list. Just do your homework so that you can have a healthy relationship with your subscribers.

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