My favorite thing about email marketing is the fact that I can automate almost every aspect of it. All I have to do is get the ball rolling by setting up a new list, sending some traffic to the optin page and load a few messages. My autoresponder service takes care of everything else. Let me show you exactly how I automate this whole process and generate some passive income along the way.


This part is easy… log into your favorite autoresponder (I like Aweber) and grab a signup form for your list. Incorporate it into your website’s design. I like using optin forms in my navigation side bar. The upper left-hand corner seems to perform best. Another good option is to use a form at the bottom of your articles and blog posts.

You set it up once and you’re done. Just go about promoting your site as usual and your list will start to grow on autopilot.


Optin pages are dedicated pages that are designed to get a reader to join your list. You can think of them almost as little sales pages. They include an optin form along with a headline and some information on what your readers are signing up for and why they should join right away.

Once you have an optin page set up, you can start promoting the url from your other sites, in social media, article marketing etc.

Great ways to promote your optin page on autopilot are to link to it from social media profiles and forum signatures.


Start by looking at other related websites and lists that you already have. Add a few auto responder messages to existing lists that invite readers to join the new one.

Once your list starts to grow, you may also want to approach other website owners in your niche about cross promoting your lists. You each write an autoresponder message inviting your subscribers to check out the other person’s website and list. If you have an optin page setup, I recommend sending them there.


Speaking of autoresponder messages … that’s my favorite part of email marketing and list building. I can spend an afternoon writing a series of ten or twelve messages, load them into my autoresponder and I’m done. I have some messages that I’ve written several years ago that still go out to new readers each week. Since I’m promoting affiliate products in those messages, they also generate passive income on a weekly basis.


Last but not least, let’s talk about growing your list virally. Here’s a very simple way to do that. At the end of some of your email messages, invite readers to share this email with others who may benefit from it. Again, if you set up a dedicated optin page, ask your readers to send their friends and colleagues there.

And now I would like to invite you to learn more about how I built affiliate websites that create a steady stream of passive income at and

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