The first step in successfully marketing any product is that of drawing attention, arousing interest and excitement for potential clients.

Autoresponders are an essential business tool in building excitement and interest. For example, to build interest in a product or service, tell them what it will do and how soon it is available to them. If you are writing an ebook, let the visitors and potential opt in subscribers know about it on your website.

However, you can do more than build their interest by telling them about it, you can also use an autoresponder to allow them a preview of your product. Previews are great business tools, which allow your potential client, just a small taste of what is in store for them. It is the same concept as watching those previews of a movie coming soon to a theater near you. It works!

All you have to do is load one chapter from an ebook into the autoresponder then place an opt in form on your website. Visitors who are interested will enter their name and email address to receive their free chapter preview.

I’ve seen one fabulous example of increasing the preceived value of your ebook. One marketer created a short version PDF file which excerpted 1-3 chapters from his existing ebook and sent it out to his subscribers. Instantly he increased the value of his ebook offer.

This builds your list of potential customers. Once a week, send them a reminder email, giving them the release date as well as information of what they can expect from your product. This keeps building the excitement and interest of the product.

A couple of days before you launch your product offer a pre-release copy for sale, to those who received the preview.

You can decide if you would like to offer them a discounted price for the purchase in offer or you can leave the price as it is on launch day.

You should check the list of individuals who signed up for the preview, to see how many subscribers there are. They have their option to unsubscribe, yet they continue to receive information. These are high target contacts for your product. They hold interest and excitement about receiving the autoresponder message letting them know it is time to get their own copy.

Automation is a wonderful creation. When you use an autoresponder, you can find out whether there is a market for your product, while building excitement and interest before its release.

It is essential for creating profits, be sure to use an autoresponders to build interest. You can watch the profits come in when you build interest and excitement for your potential clients.

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