When creating an autoresponder email series the rate at which your emails go out and the content which they contain is very important. Selling too hard and too fast can be detrimental and can often be the difference between an automated cash flow or wasted time and energy. The following is a list of important elements of any successful autoresponder series.

1. Do not write emails that are blatant sales copy. Write emails that are conversational in tone. Be a friend to your reader. A great way to write your emails is to pretend that you are actually going to send the email to a friend of yours. You’d be surprised how much this helps.

2. Give a lot of free content, especially in the beginning of your series. The goal with your autoresponder series is to build a relationship with your subscribers. The best way to do this is to act as if you are their friend. Give them valuable content, perhaps a free gift or two. Encourage them to email you with any questions.

3. The frequency at which you send out your emails will depend on your niche and your personal style. For example your niche might be cooking or self improvement and you may feel that sending out a daily email is a good way to go. On the other hand you may feel that once a day is overkill for your list and instead perhaps twice a week may be right. The important thing is to become an active part of your subscriber’s world. You don’t want to be forgotten so don’t make the mistake of not writing often enough.

4. Don’t rush to sell your customer. Win them over first and then begin to promote your product several emails in. Do so subtly and with respect for your reader’s intelligence, otherwise you may scare them off. Again, a great way to do this is to imagine that you will be sending the email to a friend of yours. If you feel like your friend is going to think your being cheesy, your subscriber probably will too.

While it is true that writing a good autoresponder series is an art form in its own right, it is something that can be fairly easily mastered if you just put yourself in your reader’s shoes and write as if you would want to be written to. Remember to monitor your stats and sub out messages with poor open rates and I’m sure in no time you will have profitable autoresponder series of your own and your profits will be on the rise.

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