Autoresponder software can be installed on any number of websites and can send an unlimited amount of follow up email messages to your websites visitors, customers, and subscribers.

It can be installed on your website by uploading the files to your site and by linking the ar script to the email account that goes along with that site. When you have a good email autoresponder software installed on your website and its email account is included in the setup, you can then set up as many different named autoresponders from that one ars control panel as many times as you want.

All of the ars have their own signup forms and you can have the ar signup forms on as many different websites and web pages as you want. Each ar can have its own series of email messages to send out to its subscribers and lists. Each time you set up a new ar it would just be done on the same website and email account but with a different ar name, such as; abc, 123, etc.

You can also set up new autoresponders on as many different websites that you want to by installing the ar files and script onto those sites and then do the rest of the ar setup for those sites. You can have as many different named ars as you want on these sites too.

After you sign in to the control panel for the ar that is installed on one of your websites you can create as many new ars and signup forms as you want to for the other pages on the site. On the control panel type in a name for each ar you’re going to set up and press submit. By repeating this step you can set up another new ar name and signup form.

After you have set up as many email ar names as you want, you would then just click on any of the ar names on the contol panel that you want to work on and then you’ll be on the admin control panel for that autoresponder name.

The admin control panel is where you set up the header for your email messages; from name, from email, the redirect site url, which is the next page shown after someone signs up to your signup form. There will be a choice for whether to show an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each outgoing email message so that your subscribers always have that option available to them.

There is a link you can press that generates the code for the signup form that you copy and paste into your web pages html. The signup form is linked back to the autoreponder that you are working on and to the email account of the ar website. You can also add a file as an attachment to each message.

The email messages are also set up on the autoresponder admin control panel. You can have 1, 2, 3, or as many messages as you want in the message series. Each ar you set up can have it’s own series of messages to go out when someone signs up to one of your signup forms.

This way you could have a different set of messages for each websites or web pages new signups and for all of the ar lists. Each message has its own setting so you can type in the number of days between it, the previous message, and the next message. After someone signs up to one of your signup forms that is on your website or web page they will receive the first message in the email message series.

There are two problems associated with ar software. The initial cost can be expensive and the ar files and script can be complicated and difficult to install. The more extra features that the ar has the more it will cost and the more complicated it will be to install and maintain.

You can find a full featured autoresponder software without a lot of extra features for under $ 20. You pay for it once and then you own it. The ar should be easy to install and easy to work with. It should come with a step by step installation and users guide. The control panel should be well laid out and easy to use.

The ar should be able to be installed on as many websites and with as many autoresponders on each of those sites as you want, so that each ar can send out a different series of follow up messages to its subscribers. As you build your autoresponder lists from your web pages signup forms, you’ll be able to promote your online business and websites, with automatic follow up email messages.

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