When writing emails to your customers, I suggest you always include a call to action. Another thing I like to do, autoresponder system will require you, due to the CAN-SPAM Act law, to put in your contact details, your name and all that kind of thing and have an unsubscribe button.

Usually what I’ll do is, I’ll put one of these dashed lines. I’ll get to the end of my email, I’ll press enter, enter, enter, enter, far down, then I’ll put the dashed line. What that does, when the message gets sent out, it pushes that unsubscribe below the fold. This reduces the chance of someone unsubscribing. If I wrote a really short email say about my SEO products, and then it’s got unsubscribe, if they want to dig a little bit deeper they can. I’m not going to stop them from unsubscribing away my autoresponder system, but it’s a good way to reduce your unsubscribe rates.

I typically do text, I’m not one for doing html. We just had a launch just recently for the Online Trading Mastermind, it did extremely well and it gives an example of the way that I do email.

There is the link at the top there, the way that it’s formatted to sixty-four characters wide. I’ll tell them exactly what to do, there’s a call to action: ‘Check it out and let me know what you think. Click the link below.’ There are a few points in there and that’s the way that I structure my email.

Then the idea of monetizing: the data base is a goldmine for any internet entrepreneur. Once you build up your data base, then you can continue to market to that data base with the help of the best autoresponders. So there are lots of things that you can do. Once you get over 250-300 subscribers, start to do things. Survey your clients, ask them what it is that they want: what’s a good product and service that they’re wanting. How do they want to consume information?

If you run a survey, you can find out more about that avatar. How do you find out about who your perfect target market is and what it is that they’re doing? If you’ve got a data base, you could email that data base a survey, using a service like SurveyMonkey, with a series of five multiple choice question and answers and then you can find out exactly what it is.

We did that for the trading data base and I found out they’re all males, they’re over fifty, they prefer to trade part time, they don’t have much time, they like DVDs and things like that. I found out a whole series of information so when I next create my information product, I create what it is that they’re looking for.

SurveyMonkey is probably a good service to use for surveys apart from a great autoresponder system. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap. We have a SurveyMonkey review that you can check out. You can just build surveys and you send an email to your list and say, click this link here to complete the survey. You might provide incentives for completing the survey if you’re finding you’re not getting enough people filling it out.

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