Let us assume that you have an internet site that sells products and you receive tons of visitors each day but just a small percent of them purchase something from you. Wouldn’t you like that to change? Studies have shown that purchasers will visit more then one site when they are looking for a product, and even if they locate what they are looking for, they wont usually buy it. They will often probably go on to the next site and try to find a better deal, and then never come back. That is one of the reasons you need to get an autoresponder, to ensure that they come back.

Autoresponders are programs which can accomplish a lot more than just answering emails. They can help any internet site owner to increase his businesses profitableness just by applying an autoresponder and creativity. Autoresponders have accumulated sales for many thousands of stores that are online. Here are some pointers that you can use to increase yours:

You can release a newsletter. Some advanced autoresponders will not just handle all of your subscriptions but they will also follow up with your prospected interests too. The newsletter will keep your visitors in touch with the latest info about you services and goods.

As well as a newsletter for your customers, you could also publish a newsletter just for your affiliates telling them about the latest sales and promotions which they can use to increase their sales and commissions.

You can write articles about any newsworthy thing like software, music, movies, books, events in your industry, etc., and distribute them through your autoresponder.

Circulate articles. Compose targeted articles and then broadcast them to the targeted category of people that are in your autoresponder. This marketing technique is very powerful and can help you build credability and build up your traffic. Over time, the sales potential will just rocket. Also if your articles are of a good quailty there are a lot of editors that will print a resource box for you. A resource box is basically a short description about your business, products or services where you can put a link for your readers to find their way to your website.

Construct mailing lists. After you have picked out the category of people that you’ll be targeting, inform them once new articles are written and see if they possibly want to publish them as well.

The sales process can be automated. Use an advertisement to increase your message exposure; this will build up the sales too. Use the “ad” to advertise your autoresponder address and when a possible customer uses the address he must receive a message with your marketing materials in it. These marketing materials can be advertisements, descriptions, testimonials, pictures or even reviews and in this way the chance to change a potential customer in a real customer will grow.

Circulate advertising. If you have some good visitor traffic it’s a good idea to sell advertising. Enable your autoresponder to inform the potential customers about the rates and how to purchase the advertising.

Send out courses through email. Use your autoresponder to send each day a course or a lesson but make certain you check the quality is good and keep it professional. If the content is good it will add to the sales alone. Write about various topics and in the same time advertise your products using tips which will show your products advantages. At the end write a couple of paragraphs about your product, its cost and ask your prospect to consider purchasing it.

Although there are lots of ways to increase sales, build your business and create credability, these are just a few ways an autoresponder can help build your online business. With a little learning and executing you could be well on your way to success in no time at all.

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