When setting up an online business you need to consider a ton of things. If you are on a shoe string budget and want to stick with the bare necessities to get started then, by all means, follow along while I show you how imperative an email autoresponder is and why you need to have one.

An email autoresponder is a major component to how your sales funnel is operated. It is what organizes and files the name, email and phone numbers you collect through your lead capture page or website. It is important to have a technique in place that keeps track of this data because this is how you build your list of leads.

You could do all of this by hand but it would be an outlandish challenge to tackle if you plan on collecting a lot of leads, which is kind of the whole point here. By using an email autoresponder you now have produced an automated list building machine. If your time is as valuable as mine then this is a vital part to the puzzle. You need to have as many things on automation as you can. There are only so many hours in your day and you don’t want to be wasting your time and energy by collecting information like a dinosaur.

Simply put, if you are not forming your list by capturing the names and email addresses of people that either visit your website or opt-in to a capture page of yours, then you are going to crash and burn. It’s adventagous for you and I don’t see the logic behind it.

An email autoresponder capitalizes on your leads list and creates a explosive marketing tool. Whatever the reason you received your visitors information, you will now be able to utilize it and start to give them useful tips, ideas and strategies that will create a relationship with them. And once again, all on autopilot! Are you starting to see how powerful an autoresponder can be?

The point being is that by using an email autoresponder to keep in touch with your potential clients, you are creating a larhe amount of leverage by allowing yourself more ways to communicate with them and stay in the forefront of their mind. You will start to build trust, be able to offer a solution to their problem and brand yourself as a leader. All by simply using an email autoresponder to stay connected on a consistent basis and while doing it all on autopilot. This is a very simple way to communicate and also highly effective.

I will expand on how to start up your email autoresponder and show you some of the powerful ways you can use it in a later article. For now I just wanted to give you a quick summation on why you need an email autoresponder to get your online business started in the right direction.

You can build a big opt-in list quickly by giving away free reports via an Email Autoresponder. If this interests you then check out my FREE step-by-step Lead Capture Page video training tutorial.
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