Most people is familiar with that a beneficial email marketing campaign can make the difference between success and failure for a web marketer and that means you need an email autoresponder review that can help you choose the best service for your fledgling business. There are dozens out there and with monthly fees and massive potential income to consider, you’ll want to have a clear idea of which one performs the best.

Excellent customer service in Your Auto responder

An Autoresponder review will point out many things, but there are several features that need to top your list. First, delivery rate is vital. Those emails want to get through to your prospects and they should be read. That means not only should the service provide top notch technology to reach the prospects, but they should help you reduce spam along the way.

Additionally, the service needs to make list management and analysis pretty simple. You want every single child review subscribers, read messages, link clicks and historical open rates so that you can adjust and tweak your messages over time.

Most auto responder review writers will focus on one service and try to sell you on its benefits over the others, but I would like to check out the industry’s top three services


The first email autoresponder review is Aweber. Aweber is very simple to operate in relation to setting up a new campaign, inserting video or audio, and managing your subscribers across multiple lists. The scheduling and sequencing is a snap and straightforward and allows for any number of custom options, including easy broadcasting. The tracking is also very useful. Most email autoresponder review sites will cite the tracking and monitoring of your lists among the premiere reasons to consider Aweber. On any given day you can analyse impressions, subscriptions, verifications, and click thrus on links you’ve sent out. The two places where Aweber stumbles are in its importing of other mailing lists and its pricing scheme, as both versions pale than the next two sites.

Autoresponse Plus

Both Aweber and Get Response are remotely hosted autoresponder services. You pay a monthly subscription fee for their services. Autoresponse Plus however is a software program that you install by yourself server. As such, you will need to pay an upfront cost for the license ($ 99 for one and $ 167 for five), but you may then use it forever without paying anything. The value of this software is that you get to customize just about all. You have full access, which makes importing and using your own external email services very easy. Unfortunately, if you’re not tech savvy, it’s also much more complicated, requiring the help of someone with extensive tech knowledge. Each license can be installed on one domain, but enables you to have unlimited autoresponders for that domain without paying again.

Get Response

The third auto responder review I would like to touch on is Get Response, the current industry leader and a very comparable service to Aweber. Get Response allows the same easy level of customization as Aweber, helping you to attach documents, audio, or video, copy in messages from any format without extra formatting needed, and ensure delivery on any day of the week, through any email filters. The tracking system is often compared to Google Analytics, the good thing, providing many details about message open rates, subscriptions and more. It can get a bit complicated, but the tutorials are created to help there. The pricing is slightly better than Aweber, though it does require a monthly payment of $ 17.95 to start (it is usually lower with quarterly or annual payments).

Autoreponders are among the three services every business owner needs – right after hosting and right before outsourcing. If you’re not yet enrolled in one of the three autoresponders above, reread this autoresponder review carefully and choose one that fits your business’s needs.

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