When someone visits your website, we want to capture their email address, and one good way to do that is to offer a free report. Once this is written, then you just want to promote it heavily. So you put it all over your site. I put it on site wide, click here to download the free report and I’ll have to test entering my name and email in there just directly beneath. I typically like using email autoresponder services that are hosted and managed through a third party company, like Aweber or GetResponse. We have an Aweber review which could be helpful if you are looking for one.

These particular services will collect people’s email addresses into their system and then enable you to follow up with them and set sequential messages that you send out. They’ll also ensure that the deliverability on your emails stays very high. That’s the reason I use them for my SEO company and trading sites.

I have tried Hosting Solutions myself, but the problem with Hosting Solutions yourself, once you get your data base to a certain size, it becomes awkward to manage and if you get blacklisted for whatever reason, your email deliverability might drop through the floor. But Aweber and GetResponse autoresponder software, their whole business is making sure that their deliverability is high.

The idea of promoting them heavily and making them an offer, the offer is Download this Free Report, it’ll tell you everything you need to know about SEO. Have a nice graphic, thinking about the way the eye works. When you’re looking at a page, the eye gets attracted to images and then it looks at text directly beneath images, that’s just the way that people scan websites.

Have an image, the eye will go there, then the eye will follow down, read the text underneath, which will say, Click here to download the free report. It’s a very clear call to action. Have it above the fold; anything you want to do and get a response to, it’s good to have above the fold.

Another website advice about how you can use the sort of style of white paper and email autoresponder online in a different sort of way is something we do with a telco company is, on our site we’ve got a request a quote function. People can click a big red button and request a quote. This takes them to fill out a form which asks them what sort of a system are you after, how many handsets, how big is your office, all that sort of thing.

What actually happens is, the moment they submit that, they get an email back from our email autoresponder system straight away: ‘Hi Scott, thanks for enquiring about a phone system. One of our sales team will be with you shortly. If you need someone to actually respond straight away, please give us a call. I’ve also taken the time to attach to this email a copy of our free buyer’s guide. It runs through the top seven tips to actually think about when buying a phone system. It’ll help you when choosing a system from us or anybody else, from our Sales Manager.’

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