When you walk into a store in your home town, you may find you are greeted by name, especially in the stores you visit on a regular basis. The owner of the shop is aware of your name and endeavors to use it. This is because it is important to him for you to know he cares about you enough to remember your name and to address your accordingly. This is all a part of customer support in the off line world.

Although this kind of customer service is practically unattainable on the Internet, depending on the particular autoresponder you are using, you can add quite an amount of personalized information and welcome people by using their first name, their last name or even both if you so wish.

This information is incorporated into the messages of the autoresponder by the use of codes and each autoresponder uses different codes to include the information in the messages. All you have to do is write your message and add the codes at the point where you want the personalized part of the message to appear. For example, you could start your message with “Hello” (” being the code for first name). The person’s name will be placed where you inserted the code.

It is more than likely the case that your response rate will improve by the fact that your have personalized your autoresponder messages. Recent research has shown beyond doubt that people are more willing to open, read and take notice of emails which are addressed to them personally than those which are not. Setting up your autoresponder in this way is an easy task. You simply write one message, placing the codes where you want the personalization to take place and regardless of who receives the message, their personal information will appear at the point where the codes were inserted.

Naturally, the information must be collected by the autoresponder to begin with and this takes place by using forms to activate the autoresponder. For instance, your visitor fills out a form containing their name, email address and other personal information when they apply for the instructions to download a free e-book you have on offer. This information is then used as a basis for personalizing your autoreponder messages. After all, if you do not have this information to start with, the autoresponder will not have any details to put in where the code appears in your message.

Take a few minutes to explore the control panel of your autoresponder. You may well be surprised at the options open to you for personalizing your messages and delighted further still when you see an improvement in your results.

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