Good home business marketing begins with building and using an opt-in list. When it comes to building your list there are several different ways you can go. I happen to believe that having your own autoresponder is the best way to build an opt-in e-mail campaign and we will talk about that in this article.

You can certainly purchase leads and let other people build your list for you. One way to do that is purchasing co-registration leads. You can even rent a list and send emails to it. All email is one way to do that but is that really an effective way to make money?

Because most people who come to a website never make a purchase it’s important that you concentrate on getting their contact information for future follow. Utilizing your own autoresponder is the best way to get names and e-mail addresses for your home business marketing follow-ups.

An autoresponder is an automatic way to send email and takes all the guesswork out of things for you. You can even pre program your whole email marketing campaign in advance. This allows you to concentrate on building your list by capturing names and email addresses of your visitor.

The most effective way today to build your own list is to promote landing pages or splash pages as they are sometimes called. You have probably seen landing pages as you surf around the Internet. You may have even joined a list by filling out a form on one.

A really good landing page captures your attention and makes it very easy for you to provide your contact information. They do this by making you want to sign up for the information that they can provide you.

If you personally have your own product you can still use a landing page to capture contact information before passing them through to your sales page. If you sell other people’s products such as an affiliate marketer would do, you still want to do the same process before passing your visitor to your affiliate sales page.

Having your own autoresponder allows you to promote your splash page and then capture the contact information into it. A quality auto responder such as Aweber or GetResponse can automate the whole process while allowing you to build a list that is strictly yours and no one else’s.

In your home business marketing efforts, it is so important that your own opt in email campaign is utilizing your own autoresponder. You are not only building your list, you are also building your future with your list becoming an asset you own.

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