I would like to get a couple points across in this article about auto responders. We are going to specifically look at an example where someone is worried about the monthly cost of their autoresponder!

If you really are considering canceling your autoresponder because it is costing you too much than I would like to suggest you are not using it correctly. As a matter of fact, if you’re going to pay for tools to build your business you really only need to pay for website hosting and your follow up autoresponder.

You can get a quality auto responder for under $ 20 a month. Maybe you need to seriously step back and analyze your Internet business if you cannot afford $ 20 a month to build a mailing list.

You also need to look at how you are using your autoresponder, if you’re not generating a least enough money every month to cover the cost of it. An autoresponder can make you a fortune in the future if you’re building a quality list using it.

Another thing is many auto responders offer an affiliate program where you can refer new affiliates to it. You earn a commission and often times all you need is three paying members to get your monthly membership cost back in commissions earned.

That should take away any excuse a person has for not using a quality auto responder. Just get three people to join the autoresponder company that you are using and you no longer have the cost of that overhead.

It’s time for you to start using your autoresponder correctly. You should be building a list for future follow up that allows you to sell products to it.

The easiest way to do this is to promote a landing page every way you can think of are all over the Internet. Give away something so valuable a person would be crazy not to subscribe to it.

Once you start getting the hang of getting people’s names and email addresses you are going to get addicted to it. Your list is going to grow and your autoresponder is going to automate this whole process for you.

It is at this point you are going to want to master relationship building with your list. Mix in useful information with products that you sell. The combination of the two can make you as much money as you want every month.

If you are not covering the clock cost of your monthly auto responder fee than your follow up autoresponder is definitely costing you way more than that.

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Copyright: David Ogden
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