One of the most important tools for anyone wanting to do business on the internet is autoresponder. This email marketing tool allows you to carry out an efficient and prompt response to every incoming email that you receive. Using autoresponder you can capture more clients and lead potential customers to make a purchase.

Unfortunately, email is often used to send out promotional materials without the consent of the recipient. Worse, some people have taken advantage of this communication tool to create, more serious damage. For instance, by pretending as a reliable person or company who ask for the personal data of the recipients. Others even include viruses, spyware or other malicious programs in the emails.

Nowadays, protection of mail box from these spam emails is a growing concern for many people. They start installing a spam blocker on their PCs. Moreover, most email services today have already provided filtering tools for their users. The bad news is such software may also block your autoresponder messages. After spending a great deal of time to create a series of e-course, it would be a shame to find out that the majority of the messages are automatically deleted or end up in spam folders.

To avoid your messages from being filtered by spam filtering software, there are several ways you can do. First, give your subscribers an instruction to white list you. This way, your autoresponder messages will never be considered as spam messages by their email clients. The instruction can be showed on the thank-you page, a page to say thanks to new subscribers for joining a mailing list. Modern autoresponder services today allow users to redirect new subscribers to a special page. Just take advantage of the feature provided.

Another important thing to do to ensure that your autoresponder messages can get through any spam filters is to use spam checkers. Reliable autoresponder services usually have already provided this tool that will inform you if there are any forbidden words in your message. In other words the tool will check your message for words or phrases that commonly trigger spam filters and allow you to rewrite the words or phrases.

Not distributing a downloadable product as an attachment is also a good practice. It is wise to just include the link where subscribers can download the digital stuff. Some popular email clients have a feature to block email attachments automatically. Although the feature can be turned off by user, there is a possibility that some of your subscribers do not aware about it.

It is also important to choose a reliable and trusted autoresponder service. This will ensure that the IP address where you emails come from is not blacklisted by major ISPs. If not, your messages probably will not get into your subscribers’ mail boxes, no matter how much you check it with spam checkers. In addition, using such reliable services will prevent you from getting into legal problems by providing the proof of double opt-in requests. Besides ensuring the deliverability of your email messages, staying out of potential spam complaints is another important thing to do.

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