When you want to build your list of prospects you will definitely need to use an autoresponder,and there are certain things to take into account when deciding which one to use out of the many available to you.You can get autoresponder scripts that you can set up on your own host,and so there is no monthly fee to pay,and you have greater control over your messages and settings,but in all honesty you may be better not using these as they are usually more trouble than they are worth.In addition to the technical hassle of setting them up in the first place,some of the scripts are unreliable,which can do harm your business,and often the autoresponder company may have relationships with the e-mail providers so that these type of scripts are more likely to get caught in the spam filters.

Although it probably will involve a monthly subscription,using a reliable autoresponder company is one of the best things you can do,as this will be a major business tool for your success,and the most commonly used are aWeber,Get Response,and E-mail Aces,with aWeber being the most popular,which is because they have a great reputation and reasonable prices,but all of the previous named have an excellent reputation.

Most companies will allow you to have unlimited lists and will help you organize them and give statistics,such as how many of your messages are opened and which links were clicked,and in addition aWeber now has advanced tracking,which will help you to figure out how to word your future messages.

One thing you do not want is for your messages to get caught in spam filters,because then the chances of people seeing your message are very slim,so you need to make sure the e-mails you send out will pass the spam filters,and that is another service that the top auto responder companies will provide for you by letting you know how likely your e-mail is to be flagged.

So all these points are to be considered when choosing your autoresponder,but you also need a way of collecting these prospect names in the first place,and here is the importance of creating a great Opt-in page or Squeeze page.

The first thing you need to realize is that the goal of your squeeze page is just to collect e-mail addresses,so you do not want to put affiliate offers or articles on this page,because it could distract your visitors from actually leaving their name and e-mail,which is what you are after,so try not to overstuff your squeeze page.While you do not want it to be too cluttered,you do want to put in some compelling text that will convince people to opt in,so around just three hundred words is fine,but do make sure that you include the benefits of signing up for the list,and definitely focus on what is in it for them if they do.

You do this by giving them a reward for free in exchange for their e-mail address,and,while this is not essential,it is a proven,very successful way to increase conversions,so you could give away an e-book,a series of articles,an audio,or anything else you can think of,and some of the physical-based businesses give away coupons or discount codes in exchange for the e-mail address.Certainly,make it very clear to them that the benefits of signing up for the list are greater than the costs,because many people are wary of doing so in this day and age,so you need to make sure you come across as a credible person,and make it very clear that you will never send spam or sell their e-mail address.

Have a look at the squeeze pages that other marketers in your niche use,to see the layout of their pages and how they have designed it,and most likely you will find that these are quite simple,and you can trigger ideas for your own page.

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