There is a huge difference between autoresponder programs and autoresponder services and many people new to the field of Internet Marketing find they have wasted a fair sum of money by buying the wrong type of autoresponder for their particular needs.

An autoresponder program is usually one which comes free with your web hosting account and is set up on your web server. For those who do not like autoresponder services, this is the option they choose affording them the luxury of having more control over their autoresponder program. Some people decide not to use the autoresponder programs which come with their hosting accounts and prefer to buy autoresponder programs or scripts which they then need to have installed on their web server.

However, many people are more than happy to use an autoresponder service where everything is browser based and is paid for on an ongoing basis by either monthly or yearly fees. Using this method, you can set up the messages on your autoresponder and your opt-in list can be managed through your web browser, in a similar way to how you would use an autoresponder program installed via your web hosting account. The difference, of course, is that the service does not run on your web server or that of your web host, but on the autoresponder service’s web server.

There is no technical knowledge required to set up and use an autoresponder service and for this reason it is usually a better place for beginners to start. If, as a newcomer you are worried about the cost of an autoresponder service, you can take the opportunity of signing up for a free service.

Such free services make their money by inserting an advertisement in each autoresponder message you send and these messages appear at either the top or the bottom of what you have to say. You will find that some of the free services are just a way of attracting you to buy the professional version featuring many more advanced options.

For the experienced Internet Marketer, autoresponder programs are a more likely choice as they will want to have complete control over the autoresponder. They do not have to adhere to a number of the stiffer rules such as confirmations being sent to every person entered in the autoresponder list, as laid down by autoresponder services.

The autoresponder you decide to use will be a matter of personal choice bearing in mind your particular needs. If you are not sure which kind to go for, it is a good idea to look for a service offering free signups with an upgrade option at some point in the future.

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