Have you ever received a phone and the person calling you said “I’ve got good news.” Chances are you are immediately curious as to what they are going to say next. Do you know you can use an autoresponder the same way. Let’s take a look at how you can use your autoresponder to create curiosity about your business and products.

One of the biggest benefits of an autoresponder is you control the messages you send out. This allows you to create a drip marketing approach to your prospects or mailing list. You can reveal a little bit at a time by dripping a little bit here and a little bit there. Most people do not like to be sold right away an your autoresponder allows you to create a buying atmosphere over a period of time.

It may take anywhere from 5 to 12 times of someone hearing from you before they are ready to buy. By creating a series of 12 follow up messages you will build the trust that you could not do in a one time sales presentation. From your initial contact to the last message you could reveal a little bit more about yourself and your product until your prospect has heard enough and is ready to pull out their credit card.

Rather than sell features and benefits right away make your messages informative in a general way. Try and focus first on what the problem is they may be looking to solve. Let them know you will be solving this problem in the next email they will receive from you.

From there begin to solve the problem. Then tout the features of your product and how they can benefit from it specifically to solve their problem. By keeping your messages short and to the point you can spread them out over a period of time to lead your prospect to the desired result of both of you. Own your product.

One thing you can do is watch how professional internet marketers do this. Instead of deleting emails you receive put them in a swipe file of your own and study them. Take the good from them to create your own professional series of messages to put in your own autoresponder.

Hopefully you can see the benefit of using curiosity over a period of time to increase your sales. An autoresponder is the perfect way to automate your email campaign and accomplish this. You got good news and now you just need to tell them about it. This is a powerful way to do email marketing and build a mailing list that you can profit from for years to come.

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