We all know that an autoresponder is designed to send out emails with a very hands off type of determination. We can set them to send a wide variety of messages and set them to go off at varying times throughout the month, year, or whatever our time frame has become. However, when we decide to use the autoresponder for the fantastic tool that it is, should we opt for the autoresponder services or the autoresponder programs?

The wrong type of autoresponder is bound to make your business life more difficult rather than easier. In most cases, when you set up web hosting services, you receive an autoresponder service that comes with it, typically free of charge. This is a service, meaning that your hosting is taken care of on the server and that for either a free period, a monthly subscription, or an annual fee, you can use the service. This also means that if you are unhappy with a service, you can make adjustments. If you aren’t satisfied with the free or low cost service that comes with your web hosting, you can ultimately switch it later to a different service. Of course, there are those that want little or nothing to do with the service and would rather front the costs for an autoresponder program.

The autoresponder program offers the user a bit more control. In many cases, programs are also available through the web hosting service. Which is available to you might even affect which web hosting service you would prefer. A program offers the user the chance to really get in there, set things up, and create their own idea of what they want their autoresponder to be.

In most cases, if you are just entering into the field of internet marketing, you probably only need an autoresponder service. One of the issues that is presented that when the service has a problem, your autoresponder emails are not sent. Sometimes you might not even know about the problem. Of course, any free autoresponder service is going to come with advertisements placed within the body of your email. This is how the autoresponder service makes a good deal of its money. There are a few paid services that will also sell advertising space. When your emails hit your opt-in list, there is a chance of distraction when the reader finds the other advertisements in the body of your email. In some cases, these advertisements come before your text and your readers may never have a chance to get to your text because they ran off to check out the details of the ad.

If you are planning on opting for an autoresponder service, make sure it doesn’t carry advertisements or that any additional ads are placed at the bottom of the email. When using a service, make sure you receive your own autoresponder messages and keep track of when you should be receiving them. That way you will get a good handle on how reliable it is and whether or not you are alerted to any problems.

Some services require that a confirmation email is sent out when someone opts in for your autoresponder emails. This can actually cost you a few potential clients, and thus some marketers feel like they will do better with an autoresponder program. This way they don’t have to concern themselves with the rules, regulations, and conditions of using a service.

Either choice is fine provided that you understand that there are some benefits and drawbacks to each option and that you know which option you have chosen. You don’t want to be surprised by your autoresponder.

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