An email autoresponder campaign is perhaps the greatest Internet sales tool available to us to make money online. This is especially true if you utilize it correctly.

Let’s take a quick look at how you should set up your campaign to make money and take advantage of what your autoresponder has to offer.

1. Pre-written messages. Put together a campaign of email messages and set them up to go out at predetermined times.

In my case I run multiple lists and have over one year’s worth of messages set up in advance. These are designed to drip information every two days and gradually go to every four days.

If you are not sure about what you want to write hirer a freelance writer to write your message is for you. Over time you can develop a series of messages to go out several years in advance.

This is a very hands off way to keep in touch with your subscribers. You never forget to send out an email because the autoresponder takes care of it for you.

2. Relationship building. This is truly one of the great things about using an autoresponder.

You can personalize the messages with the first name of your subscriber. They should be designed to drip information that shows you to be a helpful Internet marketer.

What you are really doing is building trust from your subscribers. This is done by making the messages more informational in nature and not sales oriented at first.

3. Branding. Pu your logo or website header at the top of each message.

Try and provide some information that is a little different than they might find somewhere else. What you are doing is branding yourself as an expert in the niche you’re autoresponder campaign is in.

4. Sell something. Ultimately you want to be able to make money through email marketing.

Some people are afraid to try and sell something to their list because they think people will unsubscribe from it. Never be afraid of that because if people aren’t potential customers you do not want them on your list anyway.

An email list can be a great source of income for many years in the future. It truly is an asset as it continues to grow and is a great way to generate cash whenever you need it.

Some Internet marketers regard sending out an email message to their list as almost like printing money. It can be that good for you.

These are a few tips on setting up an email autoresponder campaign. Building an email list for every niche you are in just makes good business sense.

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