An autoresponder in modern times can be programmed to be simple or very complex. They are scripted e-mails automatically sent out in response to an e-mail sent to it. They were first created in order to let people know that certain e-mails had not been received, often because the e-mail address used was incorrect. These responders were returning e-mails back to the senders.

For those who operate websites, responders are very valuable tools. This is because there are many uses for them that are ideal for marketing or advertising. A general user of these responders will normally only use it to let others know that they are away on holiday or that they will contact the sender soon. Webmasters, however, can pre-write lists of prices for their products or can write about FAQs (frequently asked questions), and have them sent as responders to queries. They can also use them to let people know when anything has been updated.

Websites that offer training courses or other online purchasable material could also uses responders to send out sample material. This will let people know what it is that is being offered, and could increase the likelihood of them wanting to subscribe or purchase.

Related to using responders to send out sample material are additional uses that can arise in terms of marketing. As an example, a responder could be used to let others know that if they were to complete the polls on a website, they will receive a sample of the material being offered.

It is critical to remember that knowing the uses for responders is not the only thing that needs to be understood if they are to be used effectively. Everywhere there is currently a major problem with spam, or junk e-mail. When using responders, there will always be possibilities that the recipients see the e-mail as spam.

By using responders, there are always risks being run. The e-mails sent could be seen as spam if someone were to send someone else’s address to a responder. That is why prudence is required to use responders safely. One must consider how necessary a responder is and how it will be received in every instance. In so doing, the possibility of the e-mails being looked at as spam is already lessened.

When responders are used, especially if they are used to send a series of messages, a good way to keep them from being considered spam is to begin the messages very clearly with the reason they are being sent. This will let the recipient know or remind them why they are receiving it. In addition, many websites allow the recipients of their e-mails to cancel receiving those e-mails if they wish. This also serves to decrease any accusations that spam is being sent.

There are uncountable ways that responders may be used. An interesting imagination and mindfulness of what is necessary and what is not are the main requirements for using an autoresponder well. For marketing and advertising, it is important to remember that the advertisement may not always be enough. It is therefore good to also add interesting content in the e-mail.

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