Having an email autoresponder really does not do you any good if you don’t use it correctly. In this article we will talk about smart ways to use your autoresponder to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns!

I see people all the time who claim to be building up their list, yet they really are not adding new subscribers to it on a consistent basis. And unless you already have a very large list you are not using this valuable tool to its full potential.

An auto responder is only as good as the names and email addresses of the people in it. If you are not following up with your current list on a consistent basis, you are missing out on profit potential.

Also, if you’re not getting new subscribers, you’re probably losing ground because every time you mail there will be names removed from your list just due to unsubscribed and bad email addresses.

Therefore, you need to put the emphasis on adding new subscribers and work it out all of the time. The easiest way to do this is to add a sign up form to every page on your website and blog.

You should have your autoresponder pre programmed with a series of follow up messages so every time somebody does join your list they are automatically hearing from you. By adding a form to every page that you currently have you stand a better chance of building a larger list than leaving those pages without your sign up form.

Another thing you should do is promote your email autoresponder in any blog articles that you write. You never know when somebody will read one of your blog articles and subscribe to your email list.

On the flipside, you can utilize your email list to promote your blog and increase your RSS subscribers as well. This way you are utilizing your autoresponder to build a second list and allow you to constantly be in touch with your readers and prospects.

One final point we want to make about your email autoresponder is mix in valuable free information with products that you sell. Become a trusted partner with your list and you will find that the amount of sales and you make will increase because of it.

This is a pretty easy concept to follow, but it’s amazing how many people only want to sell to their list all the time.

In summary these are a few smart ways to use your email autoresponder that will benefit your business and your email marketing efforts.

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