What it Does

An autoresponder can launch that killer email campaign as soon as a new potential customer enters his or her email in the system and confirms. Getting them to leave that information often takes the form of a bribe, some useful information that they will gain access to immediately after confirming. The system can also follow up with existing clients to upsell and occasionally send offers which may interest them.

Making a Connection

The real secret to a successful autoresponder campaign is sending everyone the same messages, but writing them in such a way that each recipient feels that they are unique. No one wants to feel like some faceless number. When a marketer writes material that makes the recipient feel a personal connection, the biggest barrier between prospect and customer has been passed.

Another important factor in email marketing success is branding. Just as a potential customer does not want to feel anonymous, no potential customer wants to deal with an anonymous company somewhere on the internet. Maintaining a consistent and recognizable tone and message in emails will cement this brand in the mind of prospects.

Maintaining an Effective Email List

There are two aspects to keeping an autoresponder list as effective as possible: culling bad addresses and ensuring that people at good addresses are opening emails. Email addresses that no longer are active cannot make a marketer money, and may actually lose money because some autoresponder services will charge per address. If emails from a certain address are bouncing, remove the address from the list.

The purpose of marketing campaigns is to get offers in front of eyes. If people are not opening the emails or opting out of the list in droves, there is a massive problem. The biggest cause for this is email frequency. No one wants their inbox constantly bombarded with every “buy this today” offer under the sun. If possible, intersperse offer emails with informational emails to give those on the list an actual reason to open the messages.

Automation is Key

The hazy promise of internet marketing is the ability to make money as you sleep. The autoresponder is one of the very few tools that actually makes this possible. Properly utilized, an autoresponder can make sales, touch base with clients and present them with information they find interesting so they keep opening emails and being exposed to offers.

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