It may well be that you have taken a look at the cost of available autoresponders on line and subsequently opted to look for and use a free autoresponder for the marketing needs of your business enterprise.

In the world of Internet Marketing the use of free autoresponders is tolerable in certain situations, and is at least better than not bothering one at all.

If you have a web hosting account, this should be the first place you look when searching for a free email autoresponder service. It is easy to set up by using the control panel of your website and no advertisements from the web hosting service or autoresponder company are contained within.

If on the other hand your hosting account does not include autoresponder service or you do not actually have a hosting account there are several other avenues you can take to find a free provider.

These services are free, simply because the company make money by placeing small advertisements either below or above the message your autoresponder sends out.

In fact, quite a few of the paid autoresponders services offer a free version as well as the paid one and you may find their free autoresponder does not include any advertisements in your outgoing message. These versions are unlikely to have many of the more powerful features of the paid ones but if simple is all you need then this could be a great option for you.

The majority of free autoresponders have a ceiling on the number of subscribers you are allowed and it is for this reason that many people start out using these limited versions and then once their businesses have expanded sufficiently, they upgrade to the paid autoresponders. There are many marketers who consider the expense of the autoresponder to be unwarranted while they are still in the early stages of building their lists and turning these leads into profits. This clearly makes sense.

It is really down to you as the owner of the business to decide whether or not you need a paid autoresponder or if a free one will work just as well for you. If your list is just starting out, then a free autoresponder may be sufficient, but as your list grows, an upgrade should be considered. It is worth bearing in mind though that the small additional advertisements in the outgoing messages may create a problem if they are promoting competition against your sales whether directly or indirectly. This will, of course, all depend on exactly what you are trying to achieve from your autoresponder.

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