It Has Quickly Evolved Into A ‘Netiquette’ Standard

The autoresponder has become a necessary aid if you are going to send your newsletter to your list of subscribers – or to any group of people who let you email them occasionally with your offers. An autoresponder is just what it sounds like – software that “automatically responds” to emails sent to it.

Once you get your autoresponder set up for its assignment, it takes over, answering each responder’s email just as if you yourself were personally writing them. Your subscribers may even believe that it is you answering them individually, or that you have an army of secretaries doing the work.

(To be perfectly honest, however, almost everyone is aware of the nature of autoresponders. They might not be able to call it by its name, but the disclaimers that they’ve seen on various spam emails they’ve received throughout the years are enough to make them realize that a real person isn’t actually writing them back.)

Regardless of the realization that a person or a company is too busy to respond to every query it receives almost immediately, it’s still appreciated when an email comes back to them as soon as possible, making these programs appreciated.

This is because it has become a common practice! Failing to do so is consider in poor taste, not taking into account basic ‘netiquette’ practices; therefore, not using some form of autoresponder places you at a serious disadvantage.

Which brand of autoresponder is best – Aweber or GetResponse or another?

Similar to most autoresponders, GetResponse and Aweber are the most used autoresponders, and they operate within “sequential” guidelines. Essentially, this means that they operate by using a “sequence” of preset responses to reply to your subscriber’s emails, and these are responses that you have programmed prior.

However, it should be states that there are far more subscription autoresponder software companies to choose from than simply GetResponse or Aweber. Simply, these are the two most commonly used software. The companies that created each program have been in the industry for a longer duration, and offer more features than any other software currently on the market. These programs have been honed more than their counterparts.

However, which one should you get? Due to the massive audiences both enjoy, it’s hard to answer that question. Aweber is the one I use, but GetResponse is good as well. Keep it as simple as you can. Just decide on one autoresponder program and get started!

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