Auto responders are one of the most effective ways to introduce yourself to potential new clients and to build a relationship with those on your newsletter. That is, of course, as long as you treat your autoresponder with respect. As with anything that is automated on the Internet, this can be manipulated in such a way that it will actually be abused. Sure, you may see some short-term results from treating your autoresponder in such a way but those results will be short lived.

It is important that you treat everyone that joins your newsletter with respect. The best way that you can do this is by not blasting out a marketing message to them moments after they sign up for your newsletter. Take the time to introduce yourself and to tell them a little bit about you and what you do on the Internet. It wouldn’t hurt if you mentioned your product and even gave a link to it but make sure that you’re not too in their face with it or else you like find yourself losing subscribers as soon as you gain them.

One decision that you’re going to have to make with your autoresponder is exactly how long you’re going to keep them within the autoresponder series. Some people keep them within that series indefinitely, constantly looping them from the back to the front. As long as you have enough messages in the series, people will not recognize that you are doing this. I have done this on several occasions and it is very rare that somebody will complain that they have already received a message. The few times that somebody did recognize it, they simply e-mail me and told me that I had already sent that message out. I e-mailed them back a thank you letter and that was the last I heard about it.

There may be times in which you want to take your autoresponder subscribers to the next level. After the series is done, you should continue to contact them at least on occasion. Just make sure that it is often enough that they do not forget who you are in between e-mails. Doing so can cause a lot of problems for you in the form of spam complaints and may even make it difficult for your messages to be delivered in the future. Be consistent with your mailings and you will have more of a chance of them getting through and being read.

One other thing that you may want to keep in mind is the fact that it is necessary to have your e-mails opened by those who are receiving them. Many e-mail marketers do so by using very creative subject lines. While this can work very effectively, caution should be taken that you do not annoy your readers by tricking them into opening a message. If you provide them with good content on a consistent basis, they will want to open your message when it gets there regardless of the subject line.

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