An email marketing program will help you see the bright side of the negative economic reports. As the economy sputters marketing budgets begin to dry up, and as an owner and operator of an ad agency, you need to find solutions to help you cope through these times.

Email marketing programs are cost effective, user-friendly and efficient tools for marketing in a time when your clients’ budgets are getting smaller. Introducing your ad agency to an email marketing program will help you preserve your customers’ businesses, helping you to stay afloat and weather the current economic storm. You will also be able to use your refined marketing skills to creatively produce effective email marketing program campaigns, expanding your capabilities and therefore bolstering your credentials.

Designing an email marketing program campaign takes just a few minutes. The top-ranked online email marketing programs will offer hundreds of templates, neatly organized into theme and design categories. This gives you a variety of options based on your imagined design. Or, if you don’t yet know how you want to get started, these templates are a great guide! Also, if you want a custom design template created for you, the better email marketing program companies will have a designer create a custom HTML template for you. The better services will also have a service in place to allow corporate accounts for resellers like ad agencies, so you can go on and offer custom email marketing designs to your own clients. Again, you’re expanding your value proposition and becoming more relevant to your clients.

In order to design an email template, you don’t have to be some tech savvy, computer science genius. The better email marketing program services are developed so that no matter how little you know about computers you will be able to handle designing professional campaigns. On the flip side, if you’re skilled in HTML design, the top email marketing programs will let you easily enter your own designs for fully customized campaigns.

You will impress your clients by being able to provide them with detailed metrics on the activity of their email subscribers, and therefore be able to develop future strategies for your email marketing program campaigns. An email marketing program provides comprehensive information on which subscribers have opened each email, clicked on the links in the email and forwarded the email to friends and family. The information will have your subscribers’ email addresses, as well as the date and time they viewed the email. The better email marketing program will also provide you with the ability to export the data into other file forms like Excel, and even reintegrate it into the system.

Signing up for an email marketing program provider is especially simple, since the better ones provide you with a free trial. This allows you to explore the usability of the software, learn the features of the service and start making money without spending a dime.

Before the economy has its upswing, your ad agency will have to make strides and think outside the box in order to stay afloat. Don’t reinvent the wheel; expand your horizons by using an email marketing program service. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and extremely time-efficient. Maintain your customer base by providing them with an effective and less expensive option as their budgets shrink. Let email marketing make you the ‘savior’ of your ad agency.

Robert Burko is president of, the complete email marketing program trusted by ad agencies around the globe. Try the feature packed email marketing software package today with a no-risk free trial.

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