Many of us wrongly think that Email Blasting equals to Email Marketing.

If you are only doing Email Blasting, you are wasting time & effort in Marketing.
Email Blasting is useless but Email Marketing is powerful.

You may ask: “What is the difference?”
98% of companies are Email Blasting / Email Broadcasting to their database & try to generate sales. I know you are one of them. STOP this!
These are characteristics of Email Blasting:

i. The email content is focus on selling company product or highly sales oriented.
ii. It is a one time, unplanned email message.
iii. The marketing effect is very less.

Yet, Email Marketing is a well-planned marketing campaign that is executed by companies to achieve long term & impactful marketing effect. This approach is very mature in US market, yet companies in Asian countries are losing out for not implementing it or implementing it correctly. Many of them think Email Blasting / Email Broadcasting is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing consists of well-planned sequence of email messages that will be sent out according to day intervals that are pre-set. These email messages are a mixture of sales message (20%) & valuable information (80%) to your client. Besides, a complete Email Marketing campaign also includes a Subscription Area in corporate website to capture visitors email & information. The main aim is to in email marketing is to build the relationship between you and your customers, so that once they need your kinds of service or product, they can only think of you.

How are you able to capture the email & information?
The idea is straightforward. By providing them value-adding incentive (such as discount coupon, regular update of useful information), they are willingly provide you the information. In this case, your email marketing campaign starts to function as a Customer List Building machine. It automatically collects visitor contacts for you 24 hours per day. Imagine as time passes by, you have 50,000 customers in your database, how useful this database is.

Remember, a sequence of email messages has long-lasting effect on your clients brain. (That’s why Advertisers has NEVER advertise only ONCE). Whenever they need your service, they think of you.

To summarize, a real Email Marketing campaign has the following characteristics:

i. The email content is more of education message instead of sales-oriented message
ii. It consists of minimum 6 email messages in a complete sequence
iii. It is a well-planned campaign
iv. The result is 250% – 680% better than Email Blasting
v. The marketing effect stays in subconscious of your clients no matter they are aware of it or not
vi. It is building customer list for you even when you are sleeping.

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