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As you connect with your subscribers using email promotion strategies, you will need a product or service to offer them as you go along. You may create the product or service yourself or use the products others have already created. Offering products of others to your subscribers is the perfect combination of permission-based email promotion and affiliate promotion.

The recent Google Big Daddy updates have caused plenty of anxiety online with many sites losing significant chunks of their usual amount of traffic. As a result, many top site owners have developed much more interest in tips covering non-search engine methods of generating traffic, like email promotion. It usually feels so good to be in total control of everything and never having to worry again about algorithm changes at major search engines.

By following these important tips and pointers, you will be well on your way to increasing the revenue and profits that you will earn through your Internet based business enterprise not only today but also into the distant future as well. The effort to make this happen is up to you.

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Connect on a personal level with your email list. This is crucial to your success and must be taken seriously. Treat the people on your email list as you would do your best friend. Give them useful content. Help to solve their problems. Talk to them and not at them. Write your email message as you do when emailing a friend. Just make your message simple and to the point.

Offer two incentives. You need to give your prospects and clients two incentives for subscribing to your email list. The first incentive is the one you offer in exchange for their email address. Offer a reduction, white paper, special report, coupon or other attractive premium and you’ll see your sign-up rates climb. The second incentive is your content. Describe the value that each email message delivers. If you publish an email newsletter, for instance, describe the articles, feature stories, editorials, case studies and other valuable content that will motivate people to subscribe.

If you cannot offer a reduction, then provide original, helpful information that will give them a reason to read your emails. Give them information or advice about their business that will be useful and convince them that they will benefit from a visit your website. Keep the information concise, and use numbers of bullet-points.

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