Any business owner will always tell you that it is far easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a brand new one. Often times a business will go to great lengths in an effort to ensure existing customers have a pleasant and positive experience, both so they come back for future purchases and so they will promote the service and/or product through word-of-mouth. Many company’s are now taking advantage of the power of email marketing software as a key element in their marketing mix. Using email marketing software makes it a little easier to encourage past customers to come back for yet another purchase.

Email marketing makes it very cost effective to send out targeted direct email campaigns to all (or some) of your past customers. In addition, with the right email marketing program, this can all be accomplished within a matter of minutes, with no huge time sink or hidden costs. Whether an organization chooses to keep in touch with customers using their email marketing software by creating a monthly (or bi-weekly or bi-monthly) newsletter, or simply by sending out special promotions, there are a wide variety of tactics to choose from.

Part of the reason email marketing is so effective is because it keeps your business’s brand in front of the consumer at highly frequent intervals. If your customer “John” makes a purchase from an online store and then never hears from that store again, chances are “John” will forget the name of that online store, or forget to recommend it to his friend who is looking to make a similiar purchase. The longer “John” or any past customer goes without seeing your business’s brand, the higher the chances that customer will simply forget about your company altogether.

By using email marketing software, businesses can keep in touch with “John” and other customers very easily. Even a simple monthly newsletter with some fresh unique content can keep the business at the forefront of customers’ memories. Encouraging repeat purchases and brand loyalty works best with email marketing software when the business provides valuable insightful content the customer will want to consume. For instance, the golf merchandise store that sends out a monthly newsletter with a couple of tips to improve your golf game has extraordinary readership. Lots of past customers look forward to and read each and every issue of the newsletter. Of course, the business carefully inserts special promotions or featured items into the newsletter, which most email marketing solutions allow for easily, thus prompting the customer to buy more. And, rest assured, they do!

Sending out special discounts or offers to past customers using email marketing solutions is also a great way to generate a sales spike. Since the business already has a relationship with the customer, it can make them feel just a tiny bit more special by sending them exclusive offers. When past customers receive an email marketing campaign offering them free shipping or a certain percentage discount or any other type of promotion because they have been a loyal customer in the past, they are highly encouraged to keep on making purchases so as to not lose ‘special’ status. A little bit of strategic promotional planning and execution coupled with effective email marketing software can get your past customers coming back and eagerly taking advantage of your special offers.

Email marketing is rapidly becoming a pillar of the small businesses marketing mix. With the right email marketing software in the hands of a creative business owner, anything is possible. One thing is for sure: by staying in contact with your past customers, you greatly increase the likelihood of them coming back for more and, at the end of the day, that is exactly what you’re striving for.

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