When you try email marketing for the first time in your life you should fully realize the consequences you may face if they do it incorrectly. When you buy an email marketing solution and a business email list, do not expect to pay zero in expenses to achieve astonishing results. Do not think that a couple hundreds of dollars more in expenses really matters when thousands of dollars are expected from the stake. Always remember the old tale: “Free cheese can exist only in a mouse trap”.

In this article we will discuss the problem of using different third-party marketing email lists for email campaigns. Nowadays, Internet is flooded with dirt-cheap email lists to choose from and an inexperienced beginner will definitely buy the cheapest one and if possible will even use free email lists. Nobody wants to pay money for anything but there is a catch. Most of the sellers who sell all sorts of business email lists are actually fraudsters. They have no rights to distribute these lists because they obtained them illegally by simply harvesting email addresses from various Internet resources.

Usually, these fraudsters offer a cheap and complete email marketing solution that include not only a business email list but also a free email marketing software. Later, you may find out that the software is stolen, email mailing lists are illegal and the serial numbers are fake. Using this email marketing solution you may end up violating a range of anti-spam and copyright laws and instead of money flow you may may get people in grey uniforms at your doorstep at 6 in the morning.

When you search for email lists, do not be fooled by the advertisers. If somebody states he has “opt-in mailing lists”, “double opt-in mailing lists”, “legitimate mailing lists”, it does not mean that it is true. You should check for yourself and trust only a company that can show you a proof that they obtained their email addresses with the permissions of every person who is on the list. Legitimate list brokers have offices, telephone numbers and other attributes of real companies. Contact them and ask for a proof before you pay.

Once you find an email list provider and check its legal status, you can buy and use their email mailing lists. Normally, every list comes with a chart showing you the rules and limitations. Read it carefully and obey all the rules. Avoid sending off-topic messages. Every email list is a targeted email list. If you have access to a list related to various gadgets, do not use it to send information related to gardening. If you are allowed to send not more than 3 messages a week to every subscriber, do not send more.

Purchase a genuine copy of email marketing software. Do not buy any packages that include email marketing software along with mailing lists unless you make sure that the seller has legal rights to distribute this software. Once you install the software, contact the developers using the Contact Us menu item from within the program to make sure you run a genuine copy. If you receive a negative answer, request a chargeback in your bank. If you carry out your email marketing legally, and by the rules, you will turn a couple hundreds of dollars of expenses into thousands of dollars of profit.

Kirill Vasilyev is an expert in email marketing software who has more than ten years of experience in email marketing. Do not hesitate to read his guide on Using a Third-Party Business Email List for Email Marketing.

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