25 Ultimate Email List Building Strategies

25 Ultimate List Building Strategies. Follow along with the checklist by texting MYLIST to 44222 and I’ll get it right to you! Stay tuned for the Ultimate List Building Challenge coming soon!
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How To Build a List with Videos - A List Building With Video Case Study

How To Build a List with Videos – In this video I show an example of how I quickly started a new list in a new niche using just 2 videos and running some video ads (promoted videos).

When the ads first ran, they were not very targeted, so the videos got a bunch of views, but less optins. After a couple days, I switched to much more targeted ads. This led to less views per day, but the opt-ins started to take off, with more than 50% of the optins coming in the last 2 days of the study.

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How To Build a List with Videos
Video Rating: / 5

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