List building can be tough and many people new to this do not know where to start.
There are several ways to begin building a list and each tactic will provide different results for each individual marketer. Having a list of your own however will help you succeed in what ever you are promoting and help you sustain long term relationships with contacts. Here are three list building tactics to use when creating a list.

Provide Credible Content for Readers to Take in On Something Related to What You are Promoting.

If you are promoting a blog or affiliate product then you need to have keywords with competition of 35,000 or less inside an article related to your promotion. Then you need to submit these articles after having proofread them for grammar and content quality to article directories like Ezinearticles as well as others. You can provide content in your author box at the bottom to promote your affiliate link or website. Finally promote as many original content articles as possible to increase your click and back link base.

Give Them Something Free and of Good Quality Content in the Author Box.

In your author box state your name and promote yourself. Say you’ll give them an e-book or newsletter subscription on your topic. Leave your site and promise that you will answer any questions they have on the topic you wrote on or related to thereof. Sometimes people promote games or a small series of videos or emails teaching how to do something. Giving them this will help win their trust rather than just pitching them a product right away or taking their information with nothing in return.

Use a Credible Autoresponder Service and Follow-up With Short Emails.

Let your audience know you are there and have not forgot them. Use a 7-10 day series of very short emails of a sentence or two giving them your link to your product or site. When writing a personal message be for real. Do not try to sound like a salesman. Provide good quality reason as to why they should check out this product. Tell them how they will benefit from it. Also just send a personal email asking how your contacts are doing. How’s life been for them? Then respond to as many you can. Show you care.

Use a service like Aweber, I-Contact, or one with good email quality, great customer support, and a fair pricing for their service. These will make it easier to communicate with your list contacts and both of the two mentioned above provide html for capture page setup as well as an autoresponder service that you can store emails in to communicate with. Do not email to the point of annoyance. Build their trust. Then give them quality products they know they can trust and benefit from. Don’t give them something you know you would not buy.

I hope these few list building tips are helpful. I have more info coming on list building on my blog as well as here at ezine articles for your reference. Leave a comment or question on the blog. I set time aside each day to answer them. Take care and many blessings to you going forward.

Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful to you as we both continue to grow in our internet marketing and writing endeavors.

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