In this list building for beginners article we will examine traffic generation strategies. Traffic is the life blood on any internet business. You can have an oasis in the middle of the desert full of water but if no one knows it’s there you’re not going to sell any. You need traffic.

As you are reading list building for beginners I’m going to assume that you’re relatively inexperienced. In this case the best place to start building a list is to use free traffic generation methods. It takes a bit longer but is far cheaper. When you have mastered the basics and built up an appropriate income level you can then start to invest in paid for traffic if appropriate.

List Building for Beginners – Free Traffic – Forum Marketing

You can find forums on virtually anything so find them for your niche and sign up. You can then actively post as a member. Answer questions, ask questions, start debates. In your signature file or resource box you can usually include links to your own promotions or website. Once you have become a regular poster you will build trust with the group many of whom will join your list.

List Building for Beginners – Free Traffic – Webmaster Partnerships

This technique is still under utilized and represents an excellent opportunity for building your list. If I wanted to build a list related to golf I would contact the webmasters at the top sites and ask them to work with me in return for a percentage of any profits made. Let’s say I want to give away a free golf ebook the webmaster promotes it via his site and visitors sign up for my list and receive a one time offer. If they buy the proceeds are split 50:50 with the webmaster. Simply having a link on a top rated website can drive plenty of traffic your way.

List Building for Beginners – Free Traffic – Yahoo Groups

Yahoo has groups on pretty much any subject and many have 1000’s of members. People exchange tips, advice and stories relevant to the group. One member posts a message and each member gets an email. Sounds to good to be true? Well you need to be very careful to avoid being accused of spamming as this will get you nowhere. Treat it the same as a forum. Once you have been an active member send out a note about a great ebook you are giving away and you will get many subscribers to you list provided it strikes the right chord with them..

List Building for Beginners – Free Traffic – Article Writing

Article writing remains one of the best list building for beginners techniques. I’ve left it till last because it’s often considered boring. But if you’re reading this isn’t it a testament that the method works. It has a further benefit of generating backlinks to your website which places you higher in the search engine rankings provided you submit to multiple sources – there are services and software that enables you to do this. For more excellent information on this topic do a search for the “bum marketing method” which will show you how to generate an income whilst adding subscribers to your list.

List Building for Beginners – Free Traffic – MySpace

Okay so I lied there is one more list building for beginners strategy you should consider – Myspace. You can actually include an opt in box on your homepage. Using myspace you can build a profile on your homepage that is relevant to your market, include an opt in, join myspace groups and forums, post links back to your home page, invite people interested in your market to be your friend and the chances of a sign up are high.

And there you have it 5 free list building for beginners techniques that you can immediately apply to grow your list. Of course there are many more but I would choose no more than 5 when first starting out. However, using these 5 techniques alone will be enough for anyone to build a 10,000 subscriber mailing list. You do have to do the work though!

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