One of the strategies that makes a successful web based business possible is building lists. Opt in lists or mailing lists can actually help Internet business owners gain more customers. You see, when you contact the people in the list regularly e.g. 1 – 4 times a month via newsletters, SMS reminders, even snail mails, you’ll have bigger chances of attracting traffic to your website, which means better chances of making sales. If you want to know how to build your list successfully, read on, as there are list building secrets explained below:

Secret A: Make sure that the people will find it easy to subscribe to the list. You should have an opt-in form that’s easy to see and easy to fill out. As much as possible, place it on the home page or on every page e.g. one that can pop up once and not several times as that can annoy rather than attract people to sign up. See to it too that those interested in opting in the mailing list of your web based business will need to give in just a couple of information e.g. name, e-mail address, phone number, and not have to fill out 2 pages or more of information.

Secret B: Mention one or two major benefits of subscribing to your news letters. You can gain more customers if you’re able to convince a lot of people that it is really a good idea to opt in. Of course, to convince potential customers, you have to tell them some of the features and benefits, for example, you can state that they’ll be eligible for some freebies or great discounts once they fill out the form. If people are not aware of benefits or perks, you’ll find it difficult to build your list.

Secret C: Reward people who convince their friends to join the list. Having a program e.g. ‘Refer a Friend’ is one of the list building secrets that should be applied by web based business owners. Start a program wherein you give some special benefits to customers or site visitors who refer friends. For sure, you’ll notice a good increase in traffic and actually have higher probability to gain more customers.

Secret D: Writing articles and then publishing them to various article directories is also an effective way of building lists. You just have to make certain that you include one or two links in your resource boxes that will lead people to your website. Creating niche related articles will give potential customers the impression that you are an expert, therefore, they will trust you and will more often than not decide to check out whatever you’re offering.

Do these list building secrets and notice how easier it can be for you to build your list. Other secrets you can try include: participating in forum discussions while including a website link in your signature; blogging about topics that are relevant to your biz; starting online contests and giving out prizes; and so on.

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