Building a list is basically a two-step process. Begin by getting some information products together so that you have items to attract people to your lists. Since people are bombarded with ads both online and off daily, you will want to attract them to you with your own freebies, goodies and special offers. Secondly, find ways to seek out people will sign up for your lists!

Here are just a few list building tips that include info for both of the above steps. Everyone needs an Announcement List. Set up some type of list to capture names and email address of those who would like to be included in your announcements. Consider this like a fan club, if you will. But once you start circulating your products and services, many people may want to follow up and get your latest info. So offer this service through an auto responder script or auto responder companies like Response Magic and TrafficOasis.

Another way to build a list is through eZine Publishing. Publish your own regular eZine. Monthly or weekly versions seem most popular. Then place a subscriber sign up box or form with your auto responder information and invite people to sign up in each issue, telling them they can share the eZine with others and post it on websites, etc. Learn more about formatting, content and other eZine issues by searching your favorite search engines. People also enjoy reading eBooks. You can create your own, hire an ebook written by someone, or find some on the Internet with resale rights, like at Insert you own links, where possible, to attract readers to sign up for your eZine, announcement and other lists.

Auto responder courses is a great way to build your list. Set up courses that you have written had written by someone else into an auto responder. Then add sign up boxes or forms to your website and email-subscriber directions inside your eZine and email communications to gather leads. You can create an Auto responder sales series. Top sales people say many people need to hear a message seven times before they will buy. So load up a series of seven sales letters, each sharing a little more info than the last, like maybe different case studies and testimonials into an auto responder. Set up a form and capture leads from people interested in your sales series.

There are also products and places out there geared to help even novices create their own software. Search the Internet and I am sure you will find assistance in this area. So make your own, and offer it to people who sign up for announcements or your eZine or auto responder series. Package it with information about how to get to your site and sign up for your other lists, too!

Reports is another great way to build your contact list. People love to learn stuff and get more info to help with their own personal and business lives. So offer them plenty of info with reports that include case studies, industry starts and more. They will sign up to receive them!

Set up a special gateway, better known as a splash page or web page geared to capture the email address of the website visitor. Once the guest submits his first name & address, he gains access to the main website with more information. Add a small form to your splash page or every page of your website template to capture the first name and email address of visitors. Tell them the info is kept confidential, too.

One way to works very well in building your contact list is through the use of Forums. Target forums in your niches or main areas of concentration. Fill out a profile and include a link to your website, a signature file and invitation to sign up for your eZine. When topics come up where you can mention your products and services, do so, but in a way so as not to appear like you are blatantly advertising or pushy. Invite forum guests to sign up for your eZine or announcement list.

All in all, list building a must. There are hundreds of ways to do this. The above are just a few. Practicing these techniques and doing them consistently will have you building your contact list in no time at all.

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