It is important to learn how to use internet forums for email list building as they can be a useful source for generating targeted traffic to your website and blog. This is because they will be frequented by prospects within your chosen niche who are actively seeking information to answer a question or gather more information about a subject.

To gain a regular flow of targeted website traffic you should ensure that you focus on posting in two top related forums to start with but there are some guidelines that you should be aware of for best results. When making a post, you are going to be offering some comments, advice and helpful information about the very subject that has been raised. The secret is to establish yourself as the person who other readers will recognise as someone who knows what they are talking about. You could then be seen as something of an expert or authority figure around this particular subject matter as the depth and quality of your knowledge comes through in what you write and how you write it.

There is then another important factor that you don’t want to miss out on when you are finishing your post. There should always be a call to action. This is an invitation for those reading your post to visit your website where they will be able to gain further information on the subject in question. Once the link has been clicked on, the reader will then be automatically taken over to your website or blog. What you then need to do to complete the email listing building process is to entice the visitor to leave their email contact details in return for receiving a valuable gift which will assist them further in their search for information.

This message should be contained within a separate signature file which is attached to the end of your posting and it should be in a similar style to that of a PS.S. Whilst it should encourage readers to visit to your website, make sure that it does not come across as a blatant sales message which can be detrimental in persuading people to click on the link.

The following is a very important point to note when using forums as part of your email list building strategy. Your posting should not be a blatant attempt to sell a product. You need to take time and demonstrate to the forum visitors that you are providing useful information. The first few posts that you write should not contain any signature file with a link to your website or blog. Only when you have established a little credibility with the forum users, after say four or five posts, then it would be an appropriate time to include your signature file. It will show that you are genuine and are prepared to hang around the forum, be helpful in offering information and build trust with other users.

Once you learn how to use forum postings for email list building you will enjoy a regular stream of targeted traffic to your website or blog which will always be more potentially valuable to your internet business than a general visitor.

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