The Money Is In The List!
I shouldn’t have to persuade anyone that they really need to build a list. I’m going to demonstrate to everyone this essential system that is paramount to all your success! When you develop a list of opt-in e-mail addresses that you can sell to, a large enough list, you’ll be able to generate cash on demand. The dream lifestyle can be attained simply by broadcasting a strong e mail and as a consequence raking in thousands of dollars on demand.

List Building Is Critical For your Business
Your list will be the life-blood of your own business. Without it you certainly will devote more hours driving traffic than you will earning money. Consider it in this way – would you like to work incredibly hard to have someone see and in some cases invest in your product or service, after which you can do that over and over again?

Or would you rather work really hard to acquire someone on your own list, and then Automatically follow up consistantly to sell them that product or service, and in many cases sell them multiple products? The obvious answer is definitely the second choice.

Traffic Generation SUCKS! Especially If it is for just a one hit wonder sale, because then you have to replicate the task again and again. It is far better to market products than generate traffic. Hmmm… marketing and generating traffic is NOT the same thing?

Traffic Generation does NOT equal Marketing!
While traffic generation is a vital element of marketing, it is not all there is to do. And yet it is certainly a really substantial concern among marketers. If you’re able to concentrate primarily on what exactly you will do with your visitors, and after that the issue about the the best way to acquire the traffic, you are likely to grow your profits a hundredfold.

Put simply, “What you do with your web traffic is FAR more important than the amount of traffic you obtain.” Commit to that memory. Let the idea turn into your mantra. We can and will teach you how you can drive an abundance of traffic to your web sites however , that should not be your primary concentration. As an alternative, it is advisable to figure out how to succeed with those individuals that do check-out your site.

Your very first objective with each and every visitor to your site MUST always be to get them in your e-mail data base. It doesn’t matter if you are working affiliate marketing sites, Google adsense sites, product sites, service sites, or any other type of sites, your foremost purpose is always to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.

So precisely how are you going to build that list?
One of the most effective methods to achieve this is by means of squeeze pages. You Need a “Squeeze” or “Capture” page. A squeeze page is usually a brief web page that makes an attempt to get visitors to submit their name and e-mail address in exchange for some thing valuable in the very same category as what you happen to be marketing. This is an awesome strategy to build your list quickly. The endeavor is to begin building a list of prospects who will end up customers. This is list building.

Everything starts with traffic, which leads to a capture page, which leads to an auto-responder, which sells YOU, sells YOUR stuff, and sells more of YOUR stuff. Your capture page should contain some sort of headline, bullet point benefits, and an opt-in box. That’s it. There are absolutely no additional places to visit and absolutely no outside links. You will need to either opt in or leave.

Learn to use a capture or squeeze page properly and you will draw customers and prospects to YOU “lLke Flies On You Know What”. You will also master the traffic generating strategies that have captured 10’s of thousands of prospects and sales over the years.

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