That is up to you to decide.

Please understand this is not a scientifically conducted experiment. I have been a member of two different List Building Programs for several months now. I got in on the startup of one and joined one that was already established.

I have been sending email (since I can’t possibly build any rapport with a list that it takes me about a year if not longer to send an email to everyone on it) to these two list twice per week since I joined. I have used sales letter type email and articles with a byline.

I have to admit on the startup list I got a reasonable response from the first 2 emails I sent out as far as click thru is concerned. In sales I probably got back about half of what it cost to join the list program. Since the first two emails my response has been so low that it doesn’t pay for the time it takes to send the email.

I decided a few weeks ago to try a little experiment. I use the following email on both list.

Subject line: No Sales Pitch, Just Hello

Hi [first name]

I usually send an add or sales pitch on something. This time I thought I would say hello to all that read this. I am not sure about you but I have very little luck with this type of mailing list. When it first started I think a lot of people were reading their email but now I think you are lucky if 2 in a hundred are reading it.

I would really like to hear some opinions from you on this. Do you have much if any response with this list? If you would care to respond to this send your email to with My Opinion (in the other I said requested opinion) in the subject line.

If you don’t put My Opinion in the subject line I will most likely delete it without reading it. Like most of you I get enough sales letters from list I signup for without getting 50 a day for things I have little interest in.

I sent this email out three separate times. On the new list I receives .0031% response rate. On the established list I received a .0013% response rate. If you are sending an email to 100,000 people a response rate of .0031 would get you 310 clicks. With a reasonable sales rate of 6% you would make 18.6 sales.

I think most people are like me and send to approximately 1500 people per email sequence. That would give you a 4.65% click rate and .275% sales rate. This means you would have to have a very high sales rate (25%) or you would get 1 sale every 4 mailings.

These numbers are based on the best rate of return I received on two programs.

One other thing that may be of Interest to you is that from the responses I received it appeared that everyone that responded to my email was new to the list.

In my humble opinion, for the average marketer, your response rate for the entire year will not add up to what one effective article sent out to the top 10 article sites would bring you. Writing one good article or even paying someone to write it for you would put you way ahead of the game. It would save you time and money.

This of course is just my opinion. I would really love to have some statistics from some of you on what type of click thru and sales rate you are getting from the list building programs you are associated with.

I will post this article on my blog at . Feel free to stop by and give me your opinion. All I ask is that you keep your opinion civil.

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