When building a website, start building your list from day one. A lot of people don’t build from day one. You should be building a data base. Get yourself Aweber which is a list building software. Get some sort of name capture form. It’s important that you start to build the list from day one because then you can continue to market them. In our case, that is how we market our SEO products among others.

Head over to Melbourne SEO Services, the top right hand corner, it says ‘Download you free e book.’ Click. On the home page, there is video at the top, there are bullet points to hook them and draw them in. Underneath that then I tell them what to do. ‘Enter your name and details to download the free report.’ I’m building a list and I did that from day one.

No matter what it is that you’re doing, if you can build a list, that is a really good idea. Think about how to attract someone into building that list.

Through a list building software , start building a list from day one and proof in what you say. That’s why I do on davidjenyns, I’ve got the story on the About Us page. I do a lot of testimonials and a lot of logos where I can. Copycat success. Head over to Trading Secrets Revealed, Planet 13 or really go to the big boys because that’s where I get a lot of ideas from. Head over to Amazon, head over to Zappos, head over to eBay, see what they’re doing, they’re doing the testing and then you just go and replicate that.

Tracking is important after email list building. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so just make sure that you install Google Analytics early from day one. Set goals, monitor conversion rates and always be split testing.

So you just want to make sure from the get go that you install Google Analytics. It just makes things a whole lot easier. You can then start to analyze what your users are doing when they get to the website. The main things that I look at when I’m looking at Google Analytics is, I’ll look at how many users are coming to the web page and at where they’re coming from and the bounce rate. Forty percent plus is ok. Some people when they see their bounce rate they say, oh it is at 40% or 50%, that can get pretty scary as a web person if you build the website, because you’re sitting there thinking, half the people who come to my website just go, straight away.

Besides list building software, Google Analytics is important software. It also measures the time on page too. Our SEO company site gets about one to two minutes. Conversion rates it will depend. I try to target 18%-20% for opt-in if I’m trying to drive someone specific to a landing page to get them to enter their details. If it’s something like a long form sales copy and I’m selling an info product, I try to get it up to 1% – 2%, somewhere around that. Then if it is an e commerce site, our one doesn’t convert as highly as it should but 1% is somewhere that you would look at for there.

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