If you have taken any courses in marketing, you should know the importance of list building techniques and if you haven’t, you should. Building a list of subscribers is where the money is. It’s one of the most important aspects of building an online business. Why? Without a following, you are settling for less. Without a list of subscribers, you are not taking advantage of all the opportunities to grow your online business.

You may be asking yourself, how do I go about building a list of subscribers? Well, joint venturing is just one of many list building techniques available to you. Here I will explain just how joint venturing works.

Joint Venturing

Contact several potential joint venture partners. The number of partners you contact depends on how fast you want to build your subscription list, but keep in mind that the more partners you have, the chances increase for less targeted traffic.

To break this down a little further, if a subscriber signs up for 10 lists, this means that they will be receiving numerous emails and more than likely they will unsubscribe to a few of them because they can become annoying. On the other hand, if you have five joint venture partners, the subscriber will only receive a few emails from five different promotions, which will not be as disturbing to them.

Contacting a Joint Venture Partner

Getting someone to become a joint venture partner can be tricky if you don’t know how to approach him or her. When approaching a potential partner, you must remember the following:

You must clearly state what benefits they can expect from partnering with you.

You must state how much money they can make – remember don’t make guarantees.

You must state what is expected from them. If you want them to exchange email lists, be upfront and tell them. “Hey, by the way, I need your subscriber list,” won’t go over too well as you can imagine.

You must let them know what they need to offer to be in the promotion, i.e. normally each partner offers a product to seduce the target audience to subscribe to their mailing list.

If they agree, you must prepare all the necessary materials including creating the web page, and basically ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
It seems like an awful lot of work and it is, but the end result will be a great list of targeted subscribers who keep coming back and more importantly, who keep spending money.

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