Internet marketing can only be successful if you develop a stream of loyal customers. Through list building techniques, you can grow a list, which you can sell, keep and/or propose joint venture products. The problem that most people run into isn’t getting traffic to their site, but creating a repeat customer.

There are several tips that you can use to increase the chances of your visitor becoming a loyal customer:
1. Provide a subscribe box on every single page of your website.
2. Provide a subscribe box on the backend of the sales process.
3. Give visitors a reason or a benefit to subscribing to your list.
4. Provide testimonials from customers who were satisfied with your products.
5. Focus on a specific niche to target a group rather than a broader audience.
Because most people want to know, “Why should I subscribe?” you want to focus around the benefits of them subscribing. Bonuses and free items are always an attention grabber.

Keep them coming back;
Now that you have developed a list of subscribers, you have to keep them as subscribers. The key here is to continuously deliver products that your customers are interested in.

If your website is about painting, offer tips and techniques in that particular niche. Share information about EBooks, software, supplies, etc.

If your niche is affiliate marketing for newbies, provide informative content such as driving traffic, creating a website, search engine optimization, etc.

Basically, if you deliver what you have promised them and continue to offer a benefit to them, they will stay on your list as long as their interest is there.

How Can This Benefit Me?
Now that you know how to keep the customer, you need to know how this will benefit you — how you can monetize from your list while still maintaining a customer base.

This answer is quite simple. Your benefit is the income derived from the sale of products and services you are offering. You start by offering low-end products such as EBooks, software, etc. and gradually increase to higher end products such as videos, supplies, and even instructional courses. Remember to always include bonuses such as newsletters, surveys, and other things to keep them interested.
Yes, it’s fun writing something that people enjoy reading. It’s nice getting emails telling you how long they’ve been a subscriber, and how much of a difference your lessons have made in their lives.

While developing a list takes a bit of time, you can develop a reactive list of subscribers and monetize on this list over and over again.

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