“The money is in the list”, this is often heard in the Internet Marketing Indsutry but a lot of people do not know exactly what list building is and how important it is to your home/online business.

So what is a list? Well it is a collection of peoples details (usually name and email address) who are interested in your product. You know they are interested in your product because they have submitted their details in order for something that relates to your specific product, this can come in the form of a free report or product. When list building make sure you add targeted people to your list, otherwise you will be marketing to people that are not likely to be interested in your product.

You want to make sure people that are visiting your website know exactly what your product/business opportunity is about, you do this first of all by including keywords about your product/niche in your domain name. For example I am involved with Internet Marketing so my domain name includes the keyword “marketing” and then in the brief description of my site I let everybody know that I am an Internet Marketing Mentor. It is no use in having a domain name that does not have any keywords, this is because you will not be getting targeted traffic which will result in a poor list.

Now you have made it clear what product/business you are involved with go into further detail by creating a squeeze page. Here you explain in more detail exactly what you can offer the viewer and give them something for free or more information in return for their details (first name and email address are the best). This is how list building takes place.

You want to make it clear exactly what service/product you are offering so include bullet points to make it stand out and I recommend having a video on your squeeze page where you describe the benefits of what the viewer will receive if they opt in and some information on exactly what your product/business opportunity is. Not only will this bring you targeted traffic but by shooting a video people will know you are not some robot spammer and be more likely to opt in.

Now you have a good squeeze page and domain name you need to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page. There are many marketing methods on how to do this, for this article I am going to briefly talk about free marketing techniques as they are of most benefit to Internet Marketing newbies for the obvious reason they are free ;).

You want to in my opinion to use social networking for starters, so set up accounts with the most popular; I highly recommend Facebook and Twitter as they are the two I have had the most success with. Once you have an account you want to target specific people you think will be interested in your product/business opportunity.

For example I look for people in real estate as the housing market has been hit hard recently by the economic recession so more and more people who had real estate jobs are looking for other ways to make money as their jobs are not guaranteed, this is why they are likely to be interested in my home business opportunity.

To find these people I simply type “Real Estate” on Facebook and Twitter and it bringe me a list of people that have that word appear on their profile so they most likely work in Real Estate. Add them and when they accept introduce yourself, briefly let them know who you are and what product/home business your are involved with. Then ask to hear more from that person; list building is all about building relationships. This means pay attention to that person and connect with them rather than trying to just sell your product.

Now you should get the picture of how List Building works; mainly let people know exactly what niche you’re involved with to filter out the people who will be interested in your product and get rid of the people that will not. Then get their details (through a squeeze page) and market to them whilst building a relationsship. Building relationships with people will result in profitable list building.

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