When you search the net, have you ever wondered how people can drive so much traffic to their sites or how they can create so much buzz? It’s because they have a following; a list of loyal fans (customers) that follow them wherever they go. With these list building tips, you too can build a powerful list and be the talk of the internet town.


Blogs are the in-thing right now. Everyone has one or two, or three. You can easily create a free blog in a minute and start posting. How-to articles, hot topics in the news, helpful tips — things that people want to hear about. You may be wondering how does that help you? Well, at the bottom of your posts, you include a link to your squeeze page (your website). If you provide quality information, people will be intrigued and want to know more and they will click the link.

Remember, you don’t want your blogs to be sales pitches. Your information should relate to your niche.


Discussion boards or forums are filled with people who are in your niche. Join a few forums. Ask questions, answer questions, and become a part of the community. Once you’re in, you gradually promote your products, but be careful because some forums forbid blatant “advertising.” Some forums may not allow links to your site, so you may have to include this on your home page.

Submit Articles

Write and submit articles to the free article directors relating to your niche. In your resource box, include a link to your squeeze page. While there are hundreds of websites to submit to, try to stick with the most popular ones like Ezine, where you will get the most exposure.


You can quickly create a five-minute show. You can make it as fancy or flashy as you’d like. Remember to include useful information and don’t forget to include your web address. There are free audio recording programs available on the internet. All you need is a microphone to get started.


You may think, “I can’t make a video,” but it’s easier than you think and websites with videos get more traffic. There are several software programs where you can create a video. YouTube is a great place to get started. Remember to include your link at the beginning and end of your video.

There you have it, just a few of the list building tips used by the big dogs. Get your name out there and work your way up to the top of the “rich and famous” marketing ladder.

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