MLM list building plays a very important part of building your MLM home business. Why should everyone engaged in MLM build a strong in-house email list? Because it is the fastest and easiest way to generate qualified leads! Meanwhile leads are the lifeblood of every online MLM opportunity.

An in-house list makes it possible for you to engage prospects in a most relevant manner. Conversion rates from members of an email list are also markedly higher in comparison with ‘cold-calls’ and the like. An email list therefore substantially increases your ROI (Return On Investment).

Do you need some proof? Here are a few: a recent article in MediaPost placed the ROI of email at $ 130. That followed an earlier estimate by the Direct Marketers Association which placed the ROI of email marketing at $ 43.52.

That too was preceded by a study released by Epsilon which showed that even consumers themselves preferred to receive advertisers’ messages these days by email.

So, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of companies these days are using emails to engage consumers in meaningful ways. The Obama campaign organizers would readily admit that this was the single most important instrument that helped drive subscribers to donation pages–emails.

So you see, it doesn’t matter what business you’re into. As long as it is done online and involves recruiting, there’s no point asking if an email list would benefit you.

A more pertinent question ought to be: what’s your list-building strategy? Are you taking advantage of all opportunities to build and grow your email list? At the beginning of your marketing efforts, this may appear a bit awkward.

It surely takes concerted efforts to get into the habit of asking for email addresses. But hey, do you really desire to get more positive results from your MLM business? Then ditch all excuses, grow your email list! Listed below are 5 list-building strategies you can employ.

Include a “Join My Email” Sign-Up Box On Your Website: As an online entrepreneur, your website is the first place people come to when they want information about you or your business. And so it should be. But are you capturing the email addresses of these visitors? It’s a great chance to build a relationship with them. Don’t pass it up.

Ask Your Customers For Their Email Addresses: Whether the conversation is over the phone or in person, tell customers about your email communication, and ask if you can add them to your list. If most or all of your transactions are done online, don’t forget to send a follow-up mail after an order, courteously ask them to join your list.

Ask Those You Meet At Trade Shows And Similar Events: Tell them about your free e-newsletter or your email-only weekly or monthly specials. Ask them if you could add them to your list.

Offer Incentives For Signing up, Free gifts are to most persons what sugar is to ants! It’s amazing how a simple freebie or a chance to win a prize can easily make a person want to take the plunge and sign up for your email list.

No, your giveaway doesn’t have to be anything costly; perhaps just an offer to share some expert knowledge or provide some free guide. But remember to state clearly that those signing up will be added to your mailing list.

Put A “Join My List” Link In All Online Content: This may sound like the first tip, but it is different. Here, the strategy is to include a link that automatically takes readers to your sign-up page.

So, do you have a personal blog? Or, do you feature articles on your website? This is a great opportunity to grow your list. You could end every article with the following lines: “Enjoyed this article? Get several like it delivered to your inbox every week. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter.”

By putting some of these creative tactics into action, you’ll see a significant and steady increase in your email list over the next months and years.

In MLM, more contacts mean more opportunities to recruit new customers and build new relationships. You really don’t need anyone to tell you that this is the only way a MLM business can grow and thrive, do you?

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