If you’ve been involved in the world of online marketing for some time, then it is obvious that you have heard experts say that the money is in the list. The principle of list building is one of the most important functions to any internet business. However, there are many struggling marketers that cannot see the value of building an email list and they never do it. They don’t understand that your profit potential can triple itself when you build a list of interested prospects. You can have the best looking website on the internet with good sales copy and still be lacking in profitable growth if you don’t include list building in your internet arsenal.

Recent Statistics have proven to us that your average customer has to view your marketing message about 10 times before they are even convinced of ordering your product. In other words, a visitor that lands on your website, must make an additional nine repetitive visits to your site in order to be persuaded to buy your product. Since this is the case, it is essential that you build an email list so that you can re-market to these visitors and make your business campaign more profitable. Sadly, many marketers leave a lot of money on the table because they fail to setup a list building component to their online business.

So, you may be wondering how do I build an email list? Well, it all begins with your landing page or squeeze page. The landing page is your website visitor’s first introduction to your product, service, or information that you are offering. It has to be designed in a way that forces the visitor to sign their name and email address on a form in order to get free access to some special information or product. If you do not allow your visitors to exchange their personal information for a gift that benefits them, then your squeeze page will fail to receive the conversions you expect.

Although you may lose the few visitors who have no intention of signing the form, the benefits of a landing page for list building is still far greater than having none at all. If you set up your squeeze page correctly, then you should be getting most of your traffic to opt-in to your subscriber list. Once they are on your email list, you can frequently send them emails until they buy the recommended product from you.

Although this may sound too easy to be true, there is a right way and wrong way of doing this. You should set up your auto-responder in a manner that will give the best response from your list. One method for doing this is to provide valuable lessons and tips within the first set of emails that will bait them to buy the product for further training and information. Sending messages with the words “buy this product now” will totally turn them off and it may cause them to unsubscribe to your list within a few days. It is important to always be creative when structuring your follow up email series so that you can always have a high email open rate. If there is no high open rate, then there will be no sales or money made.

Some of you may think these tips are simple internet marketing basics. Although they are, I have come to realize that many internet marketers fail to promote adequately to their email lists. The overall aim of your email messages should be to get them to click on the links within the email. If you do not have good email copy, then hardly anyone will be persuaded to visit the recommended websites within your emails. It is imperative that you establish trust with your subscribers by providing excellent teaching and tools, so that they will gladly check out any item or link you recommend in an email. If you try hard to use this marketing strategy correctly, then you will definitely experience the huge benefits that list building provides for your business and overall revenue.

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