Make a connection. Earn the client’s trust. Build up a reputation. These are the usual suggestions when it comes to list building. These three pieces of information are usually advocated as well in most list building videos and tutorials. And it turns out that many novice Internet marketers believe that building up a list of potential patrons is the end-all solution to email marketing. Needless to say, this should never be the case. After all, how can you possibly make money online if all you ever do is build lists, without really considering why you are doing this task in the first place? Yes, building a list is important. Yes, keeping up email promotions is important. Yes, having potential patrons on the line is important. But do you really get any favorable results from your efforts?

Is it any wonder then why many people think that automated list builder and list building software do not work? The one thing you have to remember is that these are only applications used in order to make things a little bit easier on the marketer’s part. These applications remove the more tedious element in the online marketing equation. However, to ensure the success of your email promotions, you have to first define what your goal is with each and every list you build. If you are marketing different products, your email promotion list should also have different purpose and goals as well. Using the same principle on all your lists, regardless of what you are trying to promote, is a surefire formula for failure. How do you circumvent this problem then? Here are some tips:

1. Take a second but harder look at the product / service / idea you are trying to promote. For one particular item alone, try to define exactly what kind of information your email patrons would like to know. What is frequently being asked? What is a possible piece of information that seems vital, but is often overlooked by other marketers dealing with the same goods? If you were subscribing to this email notification, what information would you want posted as soon as possible; and what type of information would you like to receive from hereon after?

2. Try to figure out what information you can impart with your subscribers; and what you should not. You do have to remember that marketing is about selling your product / service / idea to a potential market. Naturally, you would not want to bore them with details that they may not want to know, or data they never asked for in the first place. This may come as a surprise to you, but many marketers fall for this mistake far too often than anyone cares to think. In the bid to continue with the program, the smallest insignificant detail is sometimes added just to keep the email promotion going. This is where the fine line between email marketing and spamming is crossed. Keep information pertinent to this batch of subscribers without going overboard. At the same time, you want your information to be “fresh” but not redundant.

Christopher Freville, creator of Automated List Builder, has generated 50,000 subscribers in his first 12 months as an online marketer. This software application program is now earning him more than ,000 per month. If you would like to know more about the Automated List Builder and list building, Freville will certainly be a big help.
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