What are the benefits of list building for your organization? If you have an online presence and you are running or thinking about running an email campaign, then you should know that list building is an essential component that factors into your success. However, where do the benefits really come from, and why should you choose list building over other means of gathering email addresses?

Starting with the second question, it’s important to distinguish between permission based list building and other avenues that you can take to gather email addresses. For example, you can purchase a large email list from some kind of lead service that gathered the addresses in other ways. Or you could choose to harvest email addresses from other websites. This means going to another website and finding some listed addresses and scooping them up to add to your own list.

Either of these alternatives to permission based lead building will hinder your success. You are going to be stuck with a list of names that truly wants nothing to do with you. You’ll be spending time and money sending out emails to people who don’t read them, because they aren’t interested in your product or service, they don’t know who you are and they weren’t expecting to hear from you.

On the contrary, with permission based list building you are gathering names and addresses of people that you know are interested in what you do, who you are and what you offer. Therefore you will have a much greater chance to reach out to them effectively and actually produce sales and other conversions.

Additionally, on of the key benefits to list building is that you have a continuing opportunity to convert somebody. With other forms of advertising and marketing, if you don’t get somebody to do something immediately, the opportunity is basically lost. However, with your email campaigns you have a continued chance to convert people over the long term.

Many people simply aren’t ready to buy a product or a service the first time, or the first few times they read about. Your goal with list building though is to stay in touch with these prospects for a long period of time. As you do so, you’ll be providing information to them that is useful and engaging. They will begin to hold you in higher regards, and will consider you to have a strong, favorable reputation.

Then, when the prospect is finally ready to make a purchase, you’ll be the first one on their minds and you’ll make the sale and find a new client. This is the benefit of list building over other forms of advertising and marketing. If you use permission based list building, you’ll see great success with your email campaigns.

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